Jon Gosselin Liposuction

Jon Gosselin Liposuction

Jon Gosselin‘s liposuction – real or not? Has Jon Gosselin had liposuction, maybe Smart Lipo? Sure, the Jon Gosselin’s liposuction rumor makes sense, but is it true? I doubt it. Personally, I do not think Jon Gosselin has had liposuction, but according to a source, he wants to lose belly fat with liposuction. So much for the Jon Gosselin’s weight loss, I guess.

Allegedly, when he recently was in Vegas to host some pool party he quietly checked out a number of local plastic surgeons. An insider says that he thinks the Vegas doctors are great, and he called around to check the prices. Supposedly, Jon does not want to hear the fat jokes any more, and he knows that he should look a lot better than he looks now.

How much weight does Jon supposedly expect to lose with the help of liposuction? The same insider claims about 20 to 30 pounds, which sounds unrealistic to me. It is hard to lose that much from one liposuction procedure, especially in Jon’s case because he does not have that much belly fat. [source: Star]

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