Joel Osteen Shirtless

Joel Osteen Shirtless

Joel Osteen shirtless – hot or not? Joel Osteen’s shirtless bod is awesome, but the question is: Does Joel Osteen shirtless look better than Patrick Schwarzenegger shirtless? Yes he does, but I am not sure if it is a fair comparison. Even if it was a fair comparison, it does not really matter how he looks when he is compared to some other celebrity. Why?

Because Joel Osteen shirtless looks great on his own. He has a six-pack and he looks totally toned. Not only that, but he also has a pretty good amount of muscle mass, which is impressive. He is almost 50, by the way. How many guys in their 50s do you know that look like that? That having been said, while his arms, chest, shoulders, and midsection look good, I think he would look even better with a little more muscle mass, which begs the following question: Does he need to gain weight? If the answer is yes, how much weight does he need to gain?

Well, the answer is no. I do not think he needs to gain any weight. He can gain a little more muscle mass, but not weight. But does he really need to gain more muscle mass? No, he does not. Clearly, it is up to him what to do, but when you are almost 50, you do not need to worry about gaining more muscle mass. The real challenge at this age is staying in great shape for many years to come. [source: Us Weekly]

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