Joe Bastianich Weight Loss

Joe Bastianich Weight Loss

Joe Bastianich‘s weight loss is shocking. What is wrong with Joe Bastianich’s weight loss? There is absolutely nothing wrong with Joe Bastianich’s weight loss, it is shocking because nobody was expecting it and also because he has lost a lot of weight. How much weight has he lost? He has lost 50 pounds.

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Joe Bastianich is 42, 6’1″ and his current weight is 205 pounds, which does not exactly make him a skinny guy, but compared to the way he looked at 255 pounds, he certainly looks skinny now. How has he managed to lose 50 pounds? It was not easy. His mom is a cooking legend, so he comes from a famous foodie family, which is not an excuse to overeat, but he says he could not control how much he ate.

When he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, he knew he had to do something to lose weight. His solution? Running and portion control. Yes, now he is a marathon runner. Impressive! He still eats pasta. In fact, he says that he has eaten more pasta than ever before, but he looks at food as fuel for his body, and he eats much smaller portions. [source: People]

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