Jill Scott: Weight Loss

Jill Scott: Weight LossLast year, Jill Scott dropped 28 lbs., a result of the long bike rides she had started taking to relax. This February she was thrilled to begin filming her first major movie role in Why Did I Get Married?

But then director Tyler Perry asked the singer-actress to put on 30 lbs. – and wear a fat suit. So Scott, 35, undid her weight loss achievement.

How did you feel when Tyler asked you to gain weight? My heart dropped. I was happy in my new size-12 jeans. They needed me to be an 18.1 was happy to have the role, but there was sadness.

How did you do it? I stopped riding my bike. And ate. A Philly cheesesteak is a joyous occasion!

Your costar Janet Jackson is a veteran yo-yoer. Did you talk about it? We talked about the different responses from people when I was in the fat suit – there was such pity in their eyes.

Did you pick up diet tips? I did notice that when the cast ate out, she had her own food delivered – salmon, salad.

What happened after the shoot? I would walk for 90 minutes. In a few weeks I’d lost 13 lbs.

Director Anthony Minghella told you to put it on for The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Back to the cheesesteak shop!

You’re starting to slim down again. I’ve dropped 10 lbs. I’d be happy to be a size 14. I just want to feel good. [via]

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