Jessica Simpson Fat

Jessica Simpson Fat

Is Jessica Simpson fat now? Um, no, of course. Has Simpson gained weight? Probably. It seems Jessica has gained some weight and some say, she has gained about 30 pounds. She has been dieting on and off for many years and “has to really work at getting into shape with strenuous workouts and a strict diet,” says a source.

It seems Jessica is comfortable enough to slack off on her diet and exercise routines even if she gains about 30 pounds onto her 5’3″ frame. “Her weight is a dead giveaway of her mood,” says a source. “When she’s rounder, she’s happy. When she’s slimmer, she’s not. Whenever Jess falls in love, she’s so content she loosens up on the hard-core dieting and takes her trainer off speed dial.”

And that seems to be the case yet again. Jessica’s longtime trainer, Harley Pasternak, has not seen much of his client since she has been with Tony Romo, says an insider. “She used to work out with him at least three to four times a week, but she’s dropped her normal routine. She’s no longer obsessed with her body image.”

Allegedly, in addition to abandoning her workout routine, Jessica is indulging in high-calorie foods like fried chicken, waffles and five-cheese ziti, which she enjoyed while out with Tony’s parents at the Olive Garden in Janesville, Wis., last month.

But could Jessica’s weight gain be a practice run for motherhood? Maybe. But according to the insider, “that idea is kind of freaking Tony out.”

Still, to him, this bigger version of Jessica is better. “He tells her that he loves her voluptuous curves,” says the insider. And I happen to agree. Simpson looks great the way she is now. [source: Star]

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  1. LADiiRAe Says:

    i think you’re 100% correct. These people are ridiculous criticizing Jessica about her healthy weight and i think the curves look amazing on her. There’s no reason to promote unhealthy weights like Paris Hilton and put poor body images into the young girls and women of this country. I don’t need my daughter growing up and thinking she is fat at 5’3 and 140 pounds.

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