Jenny McCarthy Diet

Jenny McCarthy Diet

I do not get Jenny McCarthy‘s diet habits. I mean, how could it be that Kristin Cavallari’s diet is good and even Beyonce’s diet has changed for the better, but when it comes to Jenny McCarthy’s diet, she seems to be following a diet that has been discredited many times over? Aren’t you supposed to be smarter as you get older?

So what is wrong with Jenny McCarthy’s diet? Well, she follows a blood type diet, which is better than, say, the lemon juice diet, and it is definitely better than eating soy protein bars that are so popular in Hollywood, but come on, it is still a fad diet.

“She eats lots of fruit, along with fish and turkey [but not chicken],” says her nutritionist. Jenny McCarthy’s diet also contains certain rules about which foods she can eat in one meal. “She never combines protein with starch [white carbs like past or rice], and eats a salad instead,” he says.

First of all what is wrong with eating chicken? Second, McCarthy’s diet, like other fad diets, got it exactly backwards. You should eat protein with simple carbs, because it buffers the impact of carbs on blood sugar levels.

Although I do not have anything good to say about her blood type diet, I have to admit that Jenny looks great. She still got that centerfold-worthy body that made her famous in the first place. It would be nice, however, if her diet would look as good as she does. [source: In Touch]

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