Jennifer Love Hewitt Workout

Continued from Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Diet.

Surprisingly, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s workout does not suck as much as her diet does. I mean, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s workout is not earth-shattering or anything, but at least she does claim that she does not workout. She does claim that she does not really diet.

Of course, just like her diet, Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s workout needs more work. She needs to start working with weights, and she needs to spend less time on elliptical machines and other mostly useless exercise contraptions. Let’s just hope she does not get into the Alter-G Treadmill or something similar.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s workout To her credit, Jennifer does seem to be dedicated to her exercise program, and getting in shape. She exercises four days a week. Her sessions usually last for about 90 minutes, and she spends about 30 minutes on an elliptical machine or on a treadmill.

Jennifer claims that her new work-out program has improved her sleep and made her less anxious, which is great, but hardly surprising giving the fact that exercising has numerous health benefits.

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