Jennifer Lopez: Workout and Diet

Jennifer Lopez: Workout and Diet

There was a time when the powers that be in Hollywood were not quite so enthusiastic about Jennifer Lopez’s now-famous curves.

The Latin beauty admitted in Shape’s August 1998 issue that she had overheard a few directors ask, “How are we going to hide her butt?”

Rather than run to a plastic surgeon or resort to drastic diet and exercise, she proudly showed off one of her greatest attributes and, along the way, encouraged a whole generation of women to be proud of their bodies.

“Being healthy no matter what size you are is the most important thing,” she said at the time.

Fast-forward eight years – not only is the 37-year-old actress has released her 20th film but she has added musician, film and television producer and designer to her extensive resume.

So how does Jennifer Lopez (might be NSFW) stay fit and healthy?

She credits her marriage to singer Marc Anthony with making her feel better than ever about her body and says her favorite way to stay healthy is in bed … sleeping.

“I don’t smoke, and I drink very little soda. Those things wreak havoc on your skin,” Lopez said recently. “But the sleep thing is very important.”

In her interview with Star, she explained how she keeps that multimillion dollar booty body in shape.

Star: Speaking of sexy, how do you keep your body in shape?

J. Lo: Dancing all of the time has a lot to do with it! In terms of working out, I really try to look at exercises as fun and keep it mixed up. It’s always important to challenge yourself, and I see a trainer when my schedule lets me. [sources: Shape and Star]

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