Jennifer Lopez Weight Gain

Jennifer Lopez Weight Gain

Jennifer Lopez‘s weight gain – scary or not? Is Jennifer Lopez’s weight gain out of control? No, Jennifer Lopez’s weight gain seems to be normal, and given what we already know about Jennifer Lopez’s diet and Jennifer Lopez’s workout, I would not worry too much about Jennifer Lopez’s weight gain. Why not? Because she will never be, er, horizontally challenged.

But how can Jennifer Lopez’s weight gain be explained? First of all, I am not even sure if she has really gained any weight recently. Sure, it seems like she has gained about 10 pounds, and according to a number of rumors out there, she did it by eating a little more and exercising a little less. The reason? Because when you are too skinny, it is not easy to get pregnant. I guess she is trying to get pregnant again.

Second, even if Jennifer Lopez’s weight gain is the real deal, she has not gained a lot of weight. How much weight has she gained? As I have already mentioned, my estimate is 10 pounds, but some would say that she has gained as much as 15 pounds, which is not the case, in my opinion. Either way, she still looks outstanding. [source: In Touch]

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