Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss 2010

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss 2010

Jennifer Hudson‘s weight loss 2010 – scary or inspirational? I think Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss 2010 edition is inspirational, but it does raise a number of questions. What is so special about Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss in 2010? She has lost a lot of weight. How much weight has she lost? Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss 2010 is estimated to be around 50 pounds. That’s right, she lost 50 pounds rather quickly, which is great, but is she slowly becoming one of those skinny chicks that most people do not really like?

Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss 2010 deconstructed So why has she lost 50 pounds and how has she managed to lose so much weight? I am guessing she was told to lose weight for her upcoming role in a new movie about Winnie Mandela. Hudson is not new to weight loss (see the Jennifer Hudson’s Weight Loss, Diet and Workout post for more info on how she has lost weight in the past), but since this time she needed to lose more than 10 pounds, she turned to a celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak, author of 5-Factor World Diet and other popular books on dieting and exercise.

“I have been exercising and trying to stay consistent. I am jogging and eating right,” says Hudson. Jennifer follows Pasternak’s 5-Factor plan, which mainly consists of eating at least 5 small daily meals (with one cheat day a week) and regular exercise sessions. What is her favorite splurge? Her favorite snack is 5-Factor Protein Potato Chips, which are high in fiber, enhanced with protein and all-natural. [sources: In Touch, OK!]

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  1. norma Says:

    Jennifer Hudson lost weight because that is what she wanted to do. She did it to please herself. This year she said it is all about being healthy. Who knows giving birth to her gorgeous baby son could have changed her life. People are going to talk and judge no matter what. I learned a very long time ago, and so did Jennifer you can not please everybody. Those that like it she says thank you. Now for those who don’t who cares are gives a rats ass. She told you several times how she lost the weight. I LOVE JHUD NEW LOOK! FLAWLESS.

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