Jennifer Hudson Skinny

Jennifer Hudson Skinny

Is Jennifer Hudson skinny? If Jennifer Hudson is not skinny, does she need to lose more weight? Is Jennifer Hudson too skinny? I do not think Jennifer Hudson is skinny. I mean, she looks a lot skinnier than she used to be, which is hardly surprising given the fact that she has lost a lot of weight recently.

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As I have already mentioned, I do not really understand why some seem to think that Jennifer Hudson is skinny now. She looks great and she is clearly not too skinny, not yet anyway. The 5-foot-9-inch Hudson was 195 pounds in 2009. Her current weight? It is around 139 pounds. So after losing an estimated 56 pounds, perhaps it is understandable why some people would totally freak out and claims that she is too skinny now.

I do not think she needs to lose any more weight. Okay, that is not entirely true, maybe she does need to lose 15 more pounds, but at this point it is more important for her to maintain the weight she has already lost. A lot of celebrities do not find it very difficult to lose weight – the challenge is keep it off. Is Hudson up for this challenge? I hope so. [source: OK!]

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  1. likiu Says:

    Jennifer has always been beautiful both heavier and now much smaller. However i think she looks more amazing now than ever. She’s in an industry where there’s a lot of pressure to be skin and bones. So i hope she sets the example that having a smaller physique and being skinny doesn’t have to equate to being the ‘unhealthy’ like we see with many other celebs. I hope she keeps going. I’m inspired by watching her journey.

  2. jk Says:

    she needs to lose 15 more lbs? the average super model is 5’9″ and 130 lbs – i know one since childhood so yes i know – your probably bigger than she is so who r u to say she needs to lose 15 lbs!

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