Jennifer Esposito: Diet

Jennifer Esposito: DietIs Jennifer Esposito an ultimate role model when it comes to dieting and keeping her body healthy in Hollywood? Jennifer is proud that she is not skinny and she does not obsess about following a strict diet. But make no mistake about it, Jennifer knows how to eat healthy and she does watch what she eats.

She likes to drizzle her dishes with olive oil and says that she loves to eat. “If I hear about one more young actress who doesn’t eat enough, I’ll go nuts. You’ll never read about me in the tabloids being too skinny,” she says.

Jennifer Esposito’s diet When it comes to her diet, Jennifer sticks to the basics and understands that moderation and simplicity is key. The backbone of Esposito’s diet is salads and lean proteins.

She eats pasta and bread as well and admits that there are times when she is stricter about her diet but she is quick to add “I refuse to get obsessive about my diet. I don’t stuff myself, but food is too important a part of my life to not totally enjoy it.”

Jennifer Esposito on food guilt Keep in mind that Jennifer is an actress and she is constantly judged by her looks, yet she is refreshingly relaxed about the whole thing. If she gains some weight, it is not the end of the world. “If I put on a few pounds, I don’t sweat it,” she says. And she never feels guilty about indulging her food cravings. Imagine that!

What is behind her rather rare attitude toward weight gain and food? Her family. “I come from a family where cooking and enjoying meals is a healthy part of our lives. If I want to have comfort foods every now and then, I do,” says Jennifer.

Jennifer Esposito’s low-carb diet When Jennifer needs to get ready for the camera, she goes on a low-carb diet, which means ditching everything white and refined, think flour and sugar, and cutting back on any carbs that aren’t vegetables. [via Shape]

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