Jennifer Aniston Weight Gain

Jennifer Aniston Weight Gain

Jennifer Aniston‘s weight gain is puzzling. Jennifer Aniston’s weight gain is also a little suspicious. What is so special about Jennifer Aniston’s weight gain? Given what is known about Jennifer Aniston’s diet and Jennifer Aniston’s diet and workout, she should not be overweight.

Is she overweight? No, she is not, but she has gained some weight. How much weight has Aniston gained recently? Not much. She claims that she has gained only a few pounds. According to some estimates, however, she has gained more than just a couple of pounds, more like 5 pounds and maybe even 7 pounds.

Personally, I do not think she has gained 7 pounds. 5 pounds sounds about right, but why has she gained weight in the first place? Is she pregnant? She claims that she is not pregnant. Could it be the peanut butter? Not knowing where you stand in the reduced fat peanut butter vs. regular peanut butter debate can have unwanted consequences, such as weight gain. She says the real reason why she has gained some weight is because she quit smoking. I had no idea she was a smoker.

If it is really true that she has quit smoking for good, this is very good news and a good excuse to gain a few pounds. I hope she never touches a cigarette again. That having been said, some would say that she has quit smoking because she is pregnant, but as I have already mentioned, Aniston says that she is not pregnant. Oh, and she also claims that she is not planning to get married any time soon. Do you believe her? [source: Us]

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