Jena Malone Weight Loss

Jena Malone Weight Loss

Jena Malone‘s weight loss is impressive. Is Jena Malone’s weight loss healthy? I think Jena Malone’s weight loss is unnecessary. Has she been overweight? I do not think so. So why has she lost weight and how much weight has she lost? Jena Malone’s weight loss has a legitimate explanation.

I do not think she has intentionally lost weight. She has lost weight – or it least she looks as if she has lost weight – because she has been training with the Navy SEALs for her role in the movie Sucker Punch. Yeah, training with the Navy SEALs is no joke, but she does not look like a Navy SEAL, she looks borderline skeletal.

I would estimate that she has lost about 30 pounds. Her current weight is probably around 115 pounds. I think she needs to gain at least 15 pounds back, the sooner the better, in my opinion. What do you think? Does she need to gain 15 pounds or does she look fine just the way she is now? [source: In Touch]

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