Jay Cutler’s Workout

Jay Cutler's Workout

For years, one thing was fueling Jay Cutler, 33 – winning the Mr. Olympia title. And on September 30th, 2006 he fulfilled his dream. In the latest issue of Flex magazine, he shared some information about his training.

“My max set is usually around 400 pounds, and I do anywhere from eight to 10 repetitions. I could go heavier, but I don’t. I might do two with 495,” he says.

His workout: click on Jay Cutler’s Olympia workout to see it.

On using a shorter range of motion: “I make sure to stop about two inches shy of my chest. This saves the elbow and the shoulder joints, because that’s where you’re going to risk the most injuries – when you get to the point in the lower portion and you try to explode up.

And, at the top of the movement, I don’t lock out. I try to squeeze the chest.”

On breaking plateaus: “Back in the day, I’d bench press three times a week. I would lower the weight down from my maximum bench of about 315 and I’d use about 175 pounds. I would do five sets, all out, as many as I could get on those sets.

So I’d be using much higher reps, around 15-20. Two weeks of that, you’re going to go through six workouts. The third week, I’d go back to try and break my max – and more than likely, I’d break it.”

On warming up: “I always warm up with flat-bench presses. I don’t believe the theory that since I started with flat benches last week, I’ve got to start with inclines this week. That doesn’t work for me.

If you train with full intensity every single workout and your diet is in check, you don’t need to switch up exercises to trick your body.”

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