Jason Alexander Weight Loss

Jason Alexander Weight Loss

Jason Alexander‘s weight loss is hardly surprising. The reason why Jason Alexander’s weight loss was long overdue is because it was only a matter of time until Jenny Craig would offer him to be their new spokesperson. Yes, unfortunately, Jason Alexander’s weight loss is not a product of his desire to learn how to eat healthy and lose weight. Maybe he does want to learn how to eat healthy, but if that is really the case, why use Jenny Craig?

The good news about Jason Alexander’s weight loss is that he seems to be losing weight fast. He started the program about 5 weeks ago at 195 pounds. How much weight has Alexander lost thus far? Jason Alexander’s weight loss is estimated to be around 14 pounds, so he lost almost 15 pounds in 5 weeks, which is a pretty good result for somebody who does not seem to know anything about losing weight.

In addition to losing 14 pounds, Jason has trimmed 2 inches off his waist. How much weight do I think he should lose? Since he is only 5’5″ – he needs to lose more weight. I think his goal should be to lose 50 pounds. How much weight does he hope to lose by the end of the program? His weight-loss goal is rather modest. He is planning to lose only 30 pounds.

There is no word on whether or not Jason is planning to supplement his weight-loss with exercise, but by the looks of things I do not think he is the kind of person who thinks that it is necessary to exercise to lose weight. And you know what? If he really thinks that, he is right. He can easily lose 30 or even 50 pounds without going to the gym even once. The calorie reduction should be enough to lose 30 pounds, but to lose more weight he will need to at least walk for 45 minutes three times a week. [source: People]

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  1. carol Says:

    I stayed at the Planet Hollywood in Vegas this weekend and can report that I saw Jason working out in the gym. He has slimmed down enough that I honestly didn’t recognize him for a long time. (He is also even shorter in person than you’d think!) He worked out for at least an hour on the bike and weights. I think your comment, “but by the looks of things I do not think he is the kind of person who thinks that it is necessary to exercise to lose weight” was very presumptious. It was obvious he knew his way around the gym and had been there many times before!

  2. Nicole Says:

    The tone of this article is a little cynical. Irrregardless of the method, I think any person who makes strides to improve their weight and health is a positive thing. It sounds a bit katty to chide on about an assumption that he is not exercising, when I read above from Carol that he clearly is. I applaud Jason for his accomplishment and hope he has added many healthy years to his life because he is a talented actor and comedian, and brings happiness to this world.

  3. Lori Says:

    The author clearly doesn’t even know what Jenny Craig offers. Yes, you are on their foods, supplemented with your fruits/vegetables – but only until you hit your half way point. Then you start to implement your own healthy foods replacing Jenny food. Once you’ve lost all the weight, you are fully on your own healthy food diet. From the beginning, daily exercise is encouraged. So author, do some research.

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