Janice Dickinson on Anorexia and Weight Loss

Janice Dickinson on Anorexia and Weight Loss

First, Gisele Bundchen blamed parents for anorexia and now, reportedly, Janice Dickinson reflected on the issue of skinny models in the fashion industry by saying this:

“I’m dying to find kids who are too thin. I’ve got 42 models in my agency and I’m trying to get them to lose weight. In fact, I wish they’d come down with some anorexia.

I’m not kidding. I’m running into a bunch of fat-assed, lazy little bitches who don’t know how to do the stairs or get their butts into the gym.”

I’m basically speechless, which only happens when I fantasize about having a dinner date with Scarlett Johansson at the French Laundry.

Dickinson is known for her wild outbursts, so I hope this is just a publicity stunt. It has to be, right?

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