Janet Jackson’s Weight Loss, Diet and Workout

Janet Jackson's Weight Loss, Diet, WorkoutJanet Jackson’s weight loss, diet and workout seem almost magical. After all, she managed to drop 60 pounds in just four months. She did not lose weight just because she could, or because she was stressed.

Janet Jackson’s weight loss was a necessity. Her five-foot-four frame was carrying 180 pounds; clearly, it was time to get back in shape.

Her weight loss story was recently featured in US Weekly magazine. Sure, maybe Janet Jackson’s weight loss is dramatic, but what she has to say is even more interesting.

She gained weight because she was eating anything she wanted to eat. It got so bad, that eventually, she could not wear her jewelry – her stomach was big – her ankles were in pain, and just getting around was a challenge for her.

Janet Jackson’s weight loss may seem magical, because some people seem to think that losing a lot of weight quickly, could only be done with fat burners and fad diets.

According to Jackson, she did not use fat burners and get this – she hates working out! I am not making this up. It actually says in the article “I hate – I can’t say it enough – I hate working out.”

So how did Janet Jackson get back in shape? In order to be consistent with her diet, she used a food delivery service. This enabled her to eat balanced meals, four to five times a day.

Although she does not like to workout – thanks to her personal trainer’s creativity – she did up to 45 minutes of cardio, sumo squats and backward walking lunges.

To keep things fresh and interesting, her workout routine would change daily – walking on a beach, going up the stairs, and even boxing – were all part of her cardio workout.

Did she cheat on her diet? Jackson says she did some cheating. She loves sushi, but when she ate out with her friends, she had sashimi. Even if she had some sushi, I would not call it cheating.

She also loves soul food, pasta, catfish, and candied yams – all these delights were obviously out – except a few occasions – when she had some protein-enriched pasta.

Janet Jackson’s weight loss tips are straightforward: get enough sleep, eat regularly, watch your potions, and cut the junk food.

She ate at least four meals a day, between 1,150 to 1,450 calories. During her dieting, she did not eat any processed foods, white sugar, or white flour – alcohol and sodas were not on her menu either.

According to the article, her sample menus look like this.

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, 1/3 cup of oatmeal
Lunch: chicken breast (4oz), organic salad
Snack: grilled shrimp (3oz), mixed veggies (1 cup)
Dinner: filet mignon (4oz), grilled asparagus (15)

Breakfast: 6 egg whites, chicken sausage (3oz)
Lunch: grilled chicken (4oz), baked yam, steamed green beans
Snack: turkey breast (3oz), butternut squash (1 cup)
Dinner: grilled salmon (4oz), couscous, grilled veggies

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