iZO Clenze: Does iZO Cleanse Work?

iZO Clenze: Does iZO Cleanse Work?

What is the iZO Clenze? Can the iZO Cleanze eliminate toxins from your body? Can the iZO Clenze help you lose weight? I do not know, let’s take a look.

What I do know is this: When something is described in the press as “the Hollywood’s latest weight-loss craze,” you have to be skeptical. After all, it is hard to forget clenbuterol, which was described at the time as the “Hollywood’s Skinny Pill” or something.

So are you ready for some colon-cleansing shots? Nah, the iZO Cleanze should not be confused with traditional colon cleansing, which is an inane fad by the way, but it does claim the powers to completely detoxify your bowels along with kidneys, gall bladder, and liver.

Now, if you think that I am some tempestuous anti-detox zealot, I am not. If you have been infected with toxins, heavy metals or parasites, of course you need to get healthy. Make an appointment with your doctor, get tested, and if the results of the test confirm that you are in fact somehow managed to get poisoned, your doctor will tell you what you need to do.

The iZO Clenze does claim to provide “full body detox” that is designed to cleanse your body and blood from heavy metals and other conditions described above. But is it a good idea to use the iZO Clenze?

Heavy metal poisoning, for example, is a very serious medical condition that can be deadly. Obviously, it needs to be properly diagnosed and treated. So if you suspect that you have a case of heavy metal poisoning, do you really think that you should self-medicate yourself instead of going to the doctor? Wise up!

So what about weight loss, does the iZO Clenze aid weight loss? While they claim that it does – “Lose weight that STAYS OFF” is one of the claims – I am not sure I understand how it can help me lose weight, and I could not find any published scientific studies that would confirm or deny its weight loss abilities.

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