Is Mischa Barton Fat?

Is Mischa Barton Fat

Is Mischa Barton fat? Is Mischa Barton fat or is she just overweight? Is Mischa Barton fat or is she obese? Keeping in mind what we have heard about Mischa Barton’s weight and Mischa Barton’s weight gain, some people would probably think that she is fat. Is it a bad thing? I guess it depends on your point of view, but if you look pregnant when you are not pregnant, it is probably a good time to start thinking about dropping some pounds, especially if you are a man, but I digress. She used to be skinny, so I hope she finds a way to get back to her average weight without putting her health in danger. [source: Star]

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  1. gje Says:

    Yes she is fat and meaty and fantastic! Everyone knows Mischa has been up and down in the past, but this gain has been in progress for almost three years. As a consequence, she’s now the biggest she has ever been.

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