Is Mary-Kate Olsen Anorexic Again at 80 lbs?

Mary-Kate Olsen Anorexic AgainIs Mary-Kate Olsen anorexic again? Does she have an eating disorder? Eyes have been so glued to skeletal Nicole Richie that no one’s noticed until now that Mary-Kate Olsen has dropped to 80 lbs!

Now friends are worried she may be headed back to rehab! “When I saw her,” the eyewitness tells Star magazine, “I didn’t recognize her. All I thought was: This girl is so skinny she looks sick.

Then I realized it was Mary-Kate Olsen!” A source tells Star that Mary-Kate, who is 5’2″, barely weights 80 pounds, and two weight-loss specialists, Dr. Stacy and Dr. Edwards Jackowski, agree with that assessment.

Even scary skinny Nicole Richie, who is an inch shorter than Mary-Kate, weights 85 pounds, according to her Dec. 11 arrest report for DUI. That is five pounds more than Mary-Kate!

“Her friends are worried about her,” a source close to Mary-Kate tells Star. “She probably tries to put her eating disorder behind her, but that’s not a good idea.”

Indeed, twin sister Ashley Olsen is being extra attentive, as was evidenced at a Dec. 15 dinner with friends at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. “Everyone was ordering full meals, while Mary-Kate was picking at a salad,” a source tells Star.

“Ashley kept encouraging her to eat, saying, ‘It’s OK, we’re in no hurry; take your time and finish your food.” All of this raises the question: Has Mary-Kate, who spent six weeks in rehab for an eating disorder in 2004 when she was 18, relapsed?

It certainly seems that way to observers. “She’s looking very unhealthy,” a source tells Star. “Her skin tone is pasty, and she’s nothing but skin and bones.”

It turns out the odds of her 2004 rehab stint actually sticking are not good. “The success rate for initial treatment of anorexia is about 30 percent,” says eating-disorder expert Dr. David Martorano, director of Malibu (Calif.) Psychiatric Services.

Psychologist Dr. Robert Butterworth agrees: “For someone Mary-Kate’s age, it’s going to be a problem for a long time.” It looks as if Mary-Kate may have forgotten how long her road to recovery could last.

A close friend of the New York Minute actress tells Star that she appears to have abandoned the good habits she learned in rehab. “She no longer gets weighed on a weekly basis, and no one has seen her eating coach in almost a year,” the source says.

“Also, MK used to religiously write in her food dairy, but I haven’t seen her with it in a long time.” (A food diary helps a patient chart her diet and her emotions surrounding food.)

Mary-Kate’s rep denies she has relapsed and says she is “fine.” It is sad if Mary-Kate has relapsed, considering the progress she has made since she entered the treatment program at Utah’s $30,000-a-month Cirque Lodge on June 11, 2004, at 81 pounds.

Mary-Kate, working with $1,000-per-day eating coach Lori Cerasoli, gradually built herself up to just shy of 100 pounds.

But it looks like, for now, similar weight gains may be way out of reach. Dr. David Wall of the Arizona-based Remuda Ranch treatment center says a woman who stays unhealthy thin for too long runs the risk of kidney, heart and liver problems, as well as osteoporosis.

So what is to be done? Dr. Jackowski tells Star: ‘An intervention by [family members], past boyfriends and current friends is recommended.”

Right now, though, her friends seem to be keeping their distance from MK’s troubles. “No one is harping on her about how she looks and whether she’s too thin,” a source says.

“She’s a nervous girl and having people pounding down on her just makes it worse.” But someone clearly should say something – and someone may need to speak to new boyfriend Max Show, 21.

“Everyone thought that when she fell for Max, she would start trying to eat more and get healthier,” a source tells Star. But Max says he loves her the way she is – which doesn’t really help.” [source: Star Magazine]

Note: None of the experts quoted in this story have treated Mary-Kate Olsen.

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4 Responses to “Is Mary-Kate Olsen Anorexic Again at 80 lbs?”

  1. Juliana Says:

    Someone needs to get a hold of this Dr. Jackowski fast.
    An intervention only makes things worse

  2. kayla coates Says:

    thats really suprising that she is 80 pounds she is to pretty to be worried about being fat…

  3. charlotte Says:

    shes a beautiful girl, like my idol in a way..
    she looks so much better when she has more weight on her though..
    i hope she gets better soon! loveyou mary kate :)

  4. John Carmody Says:

    Nicole, please put your health FIRST ! You truly are a beautiful young lady and should not place yourself at risk. We all LOVE you, Ashley, and Paris :) !!! Best wishes – Another ADORING FAN, JACK C. @ Boston, Ma.

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