Is Kelly Clarkson Fat?

Is Kelly Clarkson Fat?Are you kidding me? Kelly Clarkson is fat now? Well, Star is reporting that the 5’4″, 150-pound Clarkson is desperate to lose 25 pounds before her summer tour kicks off in mid-July and before the release of her eagerly anticipated album, My December.

“She’s feeling really down on herself,” a source close to Kelly says. “She feels pressure from her label, her handlers and her friends to lose weight.

She’s always moaning about how she can’t find a boyfriend, and she blames this dry spell on her weight.”

The source notes that Kelly might feel better about herself if she tackled her body the way she approaches her career: with consistent hard work. “Kelly is the ultimate yo-yo dieter,” says the insider, who adds that crash diets have never worked for the singer.

“Sometimes she’s in the studio for 14 hours, and the only food she eats is fast food – and potato chips and candy bars.”

Kelly gets energized by drinking soda “nonstop,” according to one source. “She can down eight cans of soda in one afternoon,” the friend says. [via]

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47 Responses to “Is Kelly Clarkson Fat?”

  1. Anna Says:

    Ok, she is a beautiful women, but I am just going to say if you check her BMI it is 25.7, 25 is overweight. THis is about average of the world, but when you are a celebrity you should be able to always look your best, I think she is beautiful and looks great with curves, but she is going a little overboard, just needs to lose 5, 10 lbs maximum

  2. Anna Says:

    and also, if you dont believe me about the whole BMI thing, check it at [edited: here]

  3. Julie Says:

    BMI=25 is overweight??? Oh come on!

    Give her a break! She is a beautiful woman with great voice. Just enjoy her music! Appearance doesn’t mean ANYTHING!

  4. Alisha Says:

    Anna are you anorexic?

  5. concernedfan Says:

    i to beleave that shes heading down a downward spiral
    her album has great music but have u heard them there
    all sadd and very emotional songs
    great lyrics but sad
    its not only that shes gaining a lil sumthin sumthin but
    that shes doing it in the publics eye
    and especially since she left clive
    its at this point in her life that she should
    not only look strong but feel strong
    the smile doesnt cut it anymore
    and please dont get me wrong
    she is a beauty and she is DEFENITLY not overweight
    but if she continues this ”solo” path
    then she might gain a whole lot more
    like i said the smile will soon fade and then she will to..

  6. Andrea Says:

    The people who don’t think Kelly Clarkson is fat are probably a little overweight. It is disturbing that Kelly’s weight is even debatable. She is Clearly Fat, meaning that more of her body is Fat than muscle or tone. The key is, regular healthy exercise and low consumption of unhealthy products. It is silly that thin people are being blamed as villians of some sort just because they actually stay healthy. Not eating donuts, drinking water instead of soda and running often are not Anorexic, its called Living Life.

  7. nicole Says:

    Andrea, you are clearly ignorant. Not everyone, even with healthy habits, can be thin. Myself as an example: I’ve not had a sip of soda in three years..I will only drink water. Yes, lost a couple pounds, but not much. I’ve eaten as healthy as healthy gets, and I exercise regularly (regularly being typically every week day). I haven’t lost any weight whatsoever. I admit to simply not eating for quite some time. That’s the only method by which I lost any weight. Weight that I gained back after deciding my health was more important than my image on the outside. Some people at their natural body weight are heavier than others. This can be due to a slower metabolism, larger frame, genetics, disorders, and plenty other things. I just really needed to clear that up. I’m not overweight. I don’t think Kelly is fat.

    To bring back my childhood immaturity;
    KISS MY ASS. accept people for the way that they are.

  8. G Dogg Says:

    Oh my god, she is fat as %$()!!! HA HA HA HA. I guess alot of you are too, huh chubbies? HE HE HE HE. Go puke, honestly.

  9. minor Says:

    ignorant fools! fat is a thing!!! So far none of the BMI charts I’ve read have 25% YOU’RE FAT! they do however have names such as “normal, overweight, obese, and morbidly obese”… And yes I like my “overweight” ass, idiots!!!!

  10. minor Says:

    and no Andrea, that’s not what it means!!!! It means that an unhealthy percentage of her body mass is composed of fat, as in 25% of her mass. You know BMI body mass index.

  11. yep Says:

    sorry but she IS a celebrity and she used to be really hot… now she’s fat, overweight, obese, whatever you want to call it… she needs to lose like 10 lbs at least.

  12. yep Says:

    shes still hot its just that if you are a celebrity you have different standards than everyone else being in the spotlight ALL the time

  13. becky Says:

    she is way more than 10 pounds overweight. I just saw her on Oprah and she was about the same size as Oprah. I think that She should go on dancing with the stars that always seems to make people lose weight. She needs to do something with her hair too. It looks scraggly.

  14. Kev Says:

    you know by just starving you won’t lose any weight due to the fact that you will just eat up fats and when you continue to eat you will then store energy into fats for later usage. yeah.. and she is clearly overweight, but not by much.

  15. Faucet Says:

    Fat? No. Overweight? Yes.

  16. Andrew Says:

    She’s fat, and that’s not attractive. I accept that she’s fat but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. I, along with a lot of other people, do not want to look at a whale when we pick up a magazine.

  17. Clay Says:

    She’s not fat, she’s HUGE. 5’4 150 lbs? Looks more like a buck sixty to me. Nice job with the black outfit to make you look smaller, too bad it’s spandex. She’s a pop singer, its her job to look amazing. She wants to lose 25 pounds? It would be a good start. People want their idols to be better than they are, not fat and sad.

  18. fatso Says:

    She is pretty fat if we are to be fair. Think she could lose a good 60 pounds and be a good role model. We don’t need any more fatty’s in the world.

  19. Kyle Says:

    I can’t believe how many people have posted here saying, “oh, she’s not fat, she’s beautiful!” BS. That type of thinking is the reason why the United States is one of the most overweight countries on the planet.

    She is most definitely overweight. Compare the way she used to look on American Idol to how she looks now… Its gross, really.

  20. Don't even Says:

    25+BMI is the standard for overweight, Anna is right, don’t call her “anorexic” for telling the straight truth.

    Kelly Clarkson’s recent concert at the Wango Tango leaves no debate that she is definately overweight. This isn’t a case of her being a “real woman” anymore, with a weight that is a role model for young women. Just as it’s inappropriate to idolize being too thin, it’s also pathetic to pave over reality, and the reality is that OVERWEIGHT, IS OVERWEIGHT. Blowing that type of “not your fault” acceptance up everybody’s assholes is just as disillusioned as thinking skin and bones is the best thing since diet soda. Of course if a woman is too thin, then she’s anorexic, disgusting, and genetics be damned, she’s it’s all her fault, better feed her a cheese burger on the double.

    If Kelly wants to be a fat performer, more power to her. I don’t mind a girl with fat and meat on her bones, it’s a refreshing change up. But if we’re really going to be “accepting” then let’s accept that she’s gained weight quite possibly due to a poor diet, as it’s NOT NORMAL, OR HEALTHY by ANY MEANS to gain that much weight in such a short amount of time.

    You can pat yourselves on the back for not being able to lose weight. For saying you’ve been doing your best and still not being able to shed the pounds, but not everyone can hide behind the excuse of genetics, America’s overweight issues are recent. Our ancestors didn’t have as great of a problem as we do now, and they also didn’t have deep fried oreos, or take jogs with their MP3 players on a Sunday afternoon. I wonder, perhaps, if there’s any connection. Also watch out, just because your food says “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s really good for you.

  21. Naz Says:

    She is attractive. And she is fat. This isn’t an insult, but technically she is overweight. Attractive and overweight aren’t always mutually exclusive.

    American women, on average, are overweight. Many of the previous posters who believe Kelly Clarkson isn’t fat are probably accustomed to looking at the people around them, and then judging from that point of view. However, just because it’s normal, doesn’t mean it’s no longer overweight.

    Minor is correct. BMI charts aren’t the best thing to review to judge “fat” vs “not fat.” BMI simply takes pounds distributed by height. A bodybuilder would be overweight, and people may incorrectly assume this means the bodybuilder is fat. But, because most Americans are not weight-lifting athletes, it’s fair to assume that a high BMI = a fat person. Kelly’s arms and stomach do not give the impression of someone who has a low bodyfat percentage.

  22. Roberto Says:

    She’s too damn fat.

  23. Laura Says:

    There’s no doubt that Kelly Clarkson is an attractive woman with or without a few extra pounds, however as her bmi does bring her in to the overweight range she is classed as fat and you don’t have to be anorexic to think that, you just have to possess a little common sense. She could stand to lose a few pounds, if she wants to lose 25lbs then that is fantastic. It sounds as though she is doing it for positive reasons: i.e she feels it will bring a positive level of balance to her life.

    Unfortunately in the western world we frequently find ourselves around people that are a little bit overweight and we then assume that a little bit of flab is the norm, it definitely isn’t. So whilst in an ideal world being flabby would be acceptable, it isn’t an ideal world…having a higher than acceptable bmi has health implications.

    ‘Don’t even’ has made a great point, our ancestors didn’t have these problems and that was because their diets were simple. No take away’s, the veg out weighed the carbs, hardly any additives, hardly any convenience food. There’s a reason why the average (I am talking UK terms now, how it differs for the US or any other country I don’t know) female waist line is now 32inches up from 25 inches in the sixties and that is because people rely on convenience food and don’t do enough to boost good nutrient intake.

  24. erin Says:

    this just makes me sick. all these people calling her obese. people are obssessed with appearances and weight and looking so perfect are the reason that millions of young teenage girls all across america have body issues and take such dramatic measures like starving and vomiting to fix themselves. kelly clarkson is a role model to young girls, no matter what size she is. she dosnt go around singing about the things like britney or fergie sing about. she handles herself with class. who cares if she put on a little bit of weight? she can sing and she is a good person. curves are beautiful and we need to stop putting out this image to girls that if you are not a size 2 or 0 than you are fat. we need to encourage women to embrace and love themselves no matter what size they are.

  25. Don't even Says:

    Erin, weight is not black and white. No one is encouraging you to be a size 0, but being a size 16 shouldn’t be encouraged either. Acceptance is a double standard as SOME people who are sensitive about their poor diets and lack of exercise are defensive and target thin people for being thin, even though just as some people who are higher up on the BMI scale, are just naturally that way.

    Kelly should NOT be a role model for being fat. I do not condone encouraging young women to grow up to be happy with whatever size they are, because sometimes the human body actually requires you to TRY, just like anything in life.

    Being okay with whatever life deals you is bad physically just as it is in school, or in your career. You shouldn’t encourage a child to be “satisfied” with getting bad grades, OR with having an unhealthy weight, or a bad relationship, ect, ect.

    I would rather she be a role model for doing her best at what she cares about most. If she wants to be an overweight girl and would rather focus on other things, that is her business, but don’t look to her weight to make yourselves feel better if she isn’t a role model for a healthy diet and exercise. (Because at this point, it is fairly easy to determine that her diet has taken an unhealthy slump, considering a large recent jump in weight over a short period of time)

    Kelly should do whatever she thinks is best, but don’t look to her to be your guiding star if what she decides is not in your best interests.

  26. ana r Says:

    Oh America, home of the obese…that’s the problem “ohhh she’s not fat, she’s perfect!!!” and next thing you know she’ll be on a breathing machine with diabetes….I’ve seen her pictures and sorry to break it to all her fans….she’s medically overweight, if not obese. Admit it dammit, once she does, she’ll be on her way to a healthier life, and her self-esteem will go up.

  27. OH Says:

    so she’s fat, so what.
    yes she IS overweight, shut up.

    it’s not healthy and it’s not encouraged.
    Being thin doesn’t make you sing better.

  28. Oh Snap Says:


    In case you didn’t get it kelly sure looks borderline OBESE…. ew

  29. Rachel Says:

    Just cuz you go on a diet and eat healthy doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight, it all depends on your metabolism.
    and if she’s fine with her weight, I don’t think anyone else should criticize it….worry about yourself.

  30. SERIOUSLY Says:

    Seriously…who gives a s_t? It’s Kelly Clarkson……

  31. Josh Says:

    I am amazed that people in this country focus PURELY on weight. I mean who gives a s_t about a person being active in politics, their community, or highly intelligent! Is it because the younger generation is so lame, pathetic, and down right uncreative that they have to focus on superficial aspects of a human being? I would rather people read a book than exercise any day of the week.

  32. FU Says:

    @Josh, being fat is a tax burden on our society. So STFU. Clarkson is a fattie-bomba-lattie.

  33. Pyrochyde Says:

    Such a shame when she first came out with her break away album i thought she was way sexy, lay of the candy bars and eat more sushi.

  34. cj Says:

    You guys are so funny! lol. I’m 5ft 7 128. Am i fat? lol…CJ

  35. cj Says:

    If she is 5ft 2 or even 5ft 3 she should weigh no more than 115lbs. She would look very good at that weight. I’m guessing that’s not going to happen if shes eating candy bars and chips all day. lol

  36. Bijin Says:

    CJ, that’s ridiculous. I’m 5’2 and weigh 125. I’ve weighed between 110 pounds- 140 pounds without being considered overweight. I’ve run in 2 half marathons this year and am training for the next one this September meaning I run 20-35 miles per week and train with weights 3x a week. My BMI is 22.3 (part of my trainer’s keeping tabs on me) so I’m hardly fat but I’m also not considered slim by celebrity standards. (Oh and I’m the Mom of triplets just turned 3). Even if Kelly’s overweight, she’s not obese. I’m sure once she starts routine exercise and eating better (she’s probably under alot of stress), she’ll be fine.

  37. Michy Says:

    Some people are thick – Kelly may be technically overweight but we can’t judge how much weight she needs to lose. Like Bijin states people can weight lots but be very healthy. My mum is 5ft 3 and is classed as overweight but most people would call her very skinny. I weight the same as my Mum at 5ft 6 and am 1-2 dress sizes bigger than her but I am classed as normal weight. People differ – dont look if you don’t like. She is as healthy as a size 8 popstar who is likely as underweight as she is over! She carries her weight on her bum like I carry it on my boobs – would men be as insulting to my 30GG bust…….

  38. Anna K Says:

    Kelly Clarkson is not fat. Come on guys, who do you think you are. Kelly is AVERAGE. I would rather someone be overweight and especially confident in themselves than to be severely underweight and under confident. Now, either shut the hell up or take your fat asses and go punch yourselves in the faces. or just go home and masterbate if you want entertainment and stop dissing poor Kelly!

    And to the Anna above: Leave her alone. 150 pounds is barely overweight. What’s your BM? And who says that a celeb should watch his/her weight more than a non-celeb. We are all people and should treat each other better. No wonder other countries insult the US. We suck as a ntion. No one cares about no one here.

  39. Jeremy Says:

    Kelly Clarkson is fat? Riiiiigggghht. Now that we’re done ripping on thin girls, telling them that they are unnatural and that they just need to eat more because they are “anorexic” we are back to hating on curvy girls. I must have just missed the memo on ignorant hate mongering. Sigh, why can’t society just LET PEOPLE BE HOW THEY WANT! Don’t call people fat and don’t call people stick figures as long as they are healthy LEAVE THEM ALONE! We have to live between some pretty THIN LINES to stay “healthy”.

  40. Norman Says:

    I think the thing that is most disturbing about Kelly Clarkson is that she used to be fairly skinny; the extra weight does not look good on her. It is a jarring change from the way she used to look and that is what’s most disturbing about her weight.

  41. Autumn Says:

    it doesn’t matter if she is heavy or a rail. she’s still gorgeous and can sing better than most of you. not everyone can be a size 2. it doesn’t matter just lay off.

  42. Brianna Says:

    Oh Kelly. That almost made me cry. You are beautiful. And really not fat. Ignore what people say about you. I think you look GREAT! You are fine the way you are. You have a great voice. Your beautiful. Your just perfect!! I cant explain how great you are!!! Be yourself! It’s who you are! No one else can match the way you are. Your a great person. And before I forget, I went to your concert August 27th 2009 at the NY State Fair. It was great! And the best memory I can have! Thanks, Brianna (your number 1 fan!) P.S I want to meet you sooo badly!

  43. Tylea Says:

    If u think kelly clarkson is fat ur on drugs

  44. Chris Says:

    America, home of the brave, you are as fat as you deserve to be.

  45. Bruticus Says:

    Knowing that this article came out in 5/2007, she is considerably heavier now,about 175 pounds. Is she fat now? Of course. Does she need to lose weight to be healthy for herself and be a positive role model/image to the youth of America,definitely. Can she do it alone? Never! She needs support from the people who love & care about her,apparently she’s not getting that. She will continue to get fatter and fatter until she either looks like Nikki Blonsky or dies from a massive coronary. So enjoy the music while you can and pray that she gets help before it’s too late.

  46. norman Says:

    omg, how did she get so big? She should go jogging if she keeps eating fatty foods, at least that will balance it out. Man, no wonder she gets no boyfriend. She should borrow christian bale’s will. That guy could diet like crazy if he wants to, see the movie machinist.

  47. thegreatest Says:

    real talk: she’s pretty fat. that doesn’t make her a bad person (and she is obviously free to do whatever she likes); but it’s not very inspiring to witness a major entertainer undermining her multi-million dollar brand with something as eminently preventable as gluttony and/or sheer laziness.

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