I Have Only Lost 50 Pounds in 1 Year

I am a 56 year old woman. One year ago I weighed 335 lbs. Today I weigh 287. For a year I have trained with a trainer 3 days a week/30min a day. I do 3.5 of Zumba each week, as well as 40 min. of treadmill and swim for 1 hour each week. I only lost 1 pound this month. I eat 1700 perfect calories each day. My trainer says it will take time. Is only 50 pounds of weight loss a year good? Any ideas? Thank you, Shannon. [via Ask Questions]

Sure, it would be great if we could lose 50 pounds in a month. It would be even better if we could lose 10 pounds in 3 days, but in reality it takes time to lose weight. It takes time to lose 50 pounds, even if you know how to lose 50 pounds. How much time does it take to lose 50 pounds? For an average person, all things being equal, it takes, on average 25 weeks (a little over 6 months) to lose 50 pounds. Why does it take 25 weeks and not, say, 50 weeks or 17 weeks?

According to most weight-loss experts, an average person can lose about 2 pounds a week. That is why. Now, it is important to point out that this is just an estimate. Some people can lose weight faster. Some people need more time to lose weight. In addition, generally speaking, older people tend to lose weight at a relatively slower pace than younger folks.

You have nothing to worry about. It seems that you are doing everything right. Be patient and stay away from the scale. Do not weigh yourself every day. Check your weight only once a week. Do not worry about the speed of your weight loss. Focus on quality, not quantity. Pay a close attention to what you eat and how much you eat. Do not count every calorie, but make sure that you are developing healthy and sustainable eating habits.

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