I Hate Rachael Ray

Do you hate Rachael Ray? Do I hate Rachael Ray? I do not hate Rachael Ray, but there are a lot of haters around Rachael, unfortunately. I had no idea about this, as it turns out, there are many vocal “I hate Rachel Ray” websites out there.

What does Rachael have to say to all these “I hate Rachel Ray” websites? Basically, she says that she does not have a problem with the haters. If someone wants to spend his or her time on some “I hate Rachel Ray” website, that is their problem, not hers.

She also says that she is who she is, and she is not going to apologize for it. She does not want to be fake. She does not want to pretend to be quiet and serious, because she is not. She is loud and goofy.

In addition, Ray claims that she does not care how she looks. That’s right, if you think that Rachael Ray is fat, well, again, that is your problem, not hers. Rachael says that she has not checked her weight since she was 12. Oh, and she does not really exercise. She just does some push-ups and sit-ups, which is a bare minimum. [source: In Touch]

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