I Am Disabled and Need to Lose Weight

I am 54 disabled and divorced and living on a very tight income. I need to lose weight very bad. I just wish I could afford to buy the xbox 360 game system and have dvds so maybe I could lose weight and be healthy. I have a lot of medical problems and cannot get out and walk because of the degenerative bone deterioration. But maybe if I had the equipment to work with I could lose weight. Please I need help what can I do? Shirley H. [via Ask Questions]

I am sorry to hear about your condition, and while I would love to help you lose weight and get in a better shape, since you have a number of serious medical issues, I cannot make any recommendations. I am not a doctor and you need to discuss this with your doctor. You can probably lose weight just by changing your diet without any exercise DVDs, but again, you need to ask your doctor about this.

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