I Am 10 Years Old and Need to Lose Weight

I am 10 years old and need to lose weight. I weigh 147.6 pounds I would not want to be the fattest kid in my middle school. I will be at the lowest grade too, and I do not know any exercise stuff. I do not live in a crowed place so I do know who to ask to help me lose weight. Kaylene. [via Ask Questions]

If you are only 10 and overweight, you need to discuss this with your parents. You are too young to lose weight on your own. If your parents do not know how to help you lose weight, they can consult with a certified nutritionist or your doctor. As for exercise, at your age, I would not worry about something like this. You do not need to exercise, you just need to be physically active. But the most important thing is your diet. Do not drink soda and do not eat fast food.

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