Hypothyroidism Weight Gain

I started gaining weight after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism, insulin-resistance and polycystic ovaries in my twenties. I am now 40 and have become very overweight (200lbs. @ 5″8′) after having kids and being on anti-depressants. I am on Yaz to help with my PCOS but I continue to have very bad PMS despite the anti-depressants as well. I have started exercising more and eat very healthy- maybe too much though- I was just started on metformin as my hormones are a mess and I cannot seem to lose weight. I am worried about taking so many drugs and don’t feel so good since starting the Metformin. Hoping to get some advice about diet, exercise regimes and the overall approach to these issues I am struggling with. Thank you! Marie. [via Ask Questions]

Have you discussed the hypothyroidism weight gain and other health issues with your doctor? I am not a doctor, so I cannot advice you on these health issues, but I do know that the hypothyroidism-related weight gain is often mistaken for another medical condition, so talk to your doctor about it and ask him or her to double check if your hypothyroidism weight gain is indeed related to hypothyroidism.

For a diet-specific advice, check out Diet for Hypothyroidism, but again, check with your doctor before changing you diet habits. As for exercise, I think in your case the best exercise is walking. Walk at least 3 times a week for about 30 minutes. If you feel good after a walk, gradually increase the intensity by walking up to 45 minutes a day.

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