Hugh Jackman Unplugged on Exercise

Hugh Jackman diet exerciseHow often do you see a truly great physique in Hollywood? Sure, there is no shortage of guys looking as if they just won America’s Next Top Model. There are some exceptions such as Arnold the Great Governator, Vin Diesel, Matthew McConaughey, and few others.

But what about someone who is not only “jacked”, but also smart about life, nutrition, and his physical conditioning? Hugh Jackman is 37 years old, at 6’3″ and enough muscle mass to bench press Ruben Studdard for five reps he is in a league of his own.

He thinks that goal setting can prevent us from achieving our true potential. When it comes to his workout, he does not set goals; rather, he seeks defining moments that reveal what he is made of.

I am not a shrink, far from it, but over the years people thanked me for a little anger management trick I have shared with them. It did not work for Pauly Shore, and I never met Hugh Jackman, but Jackman figured it out on his own – save your anger for your workout.

Popularized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in his golden years, “Go Hard or Go Home“, became one of those trite lines that many strength and conditioning coaches are still using today. But where do you find that something extra to give your workout all you have got?

Hugh Jackman exercise dietEvery workout Hugh Jackman channels his anger into heavy iron. When he wants to bench press 315 pounds, he gets insanely pissed off at that weight. His workout is about an hour and a half long. To keep his body from adapting to the same exercise routine, he likes to keep things fresh.

He does 3 weeks of heavy lifting, followed by a mix of explosive lifting, slower reps, and lighter weight loads. On a day of a workout, he is not shy about eating, chowing down a thousand calories more than on a regular day.

The workout itself highlights his understanding of the importance of multi-joint, compound movements such as squats, leg presses (he can press 1,000 pounds), barbell lunges, and bench-press variations.

Remember ladies and gents. Do not litter with your anger, embrace it, nourish it, and let it all out in a gym. Just make sure that when the time comes to bench press 300 pounds, Macaulay Culkin is not your spotter.

Source: Men’s Health print addition.

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    Intense. Well, all his hard work has paid off. He has a great body.

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