How to Start the Velocity Diet

I would like to start the velocity diet. How do I determine the number of calories I need each day? How long do I stay on it and how should I stop, go right back to carbs and solid food? Mike. [via Ask Questions]

Read the How Many Calories Do I Need to Lose Weight Safely? post to figure out how many calories you need to lose weight on any diet. As for other questions about the Velocity Diet, while this diet can be used to lose weight, I do not think it is a good choice for most people. Why? Because the Velocity Diet is rather extreme.

You need to get an explicit permission from your doctor to use the Velocity Diet, but even if your doctor gives you a green light, this diet should be used as a last resort in my opinion. Have you tried any other diet? If you have not, start with a basic diet that does not severely limit your carbohydrate consumption. Any diet will do, really. You just need to pay a close attention to your daily calorie consumption.

And yes, it is a good idea to limit your consumption of carbohydrates, but there is no reason to completely eliminate them. What do I mean by this? Double down on complex carbohydrates (eat more vegetables) and eliminate simple carbs found in sweets and processed foods. In addition, eat protein with each meal at least three times a day and snack on healthy snacks.

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