How to Maintain Weight after Weight Loss

How to Maintain Weight after Weight LossYou have finally reached your target weight, but do you know how to maintain weight loss? According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, those who have lost some weight and want to maintain it, may benefit from daily weigh-ins.

In this study, over 300 people who had recently lost 40 pounds were either told to weigh themselves daily or were given information about diet and exercise.

It is known that the majority of people who use dieting to shed pounds eventually regain some weight. Surprisingly, people who have weighed themselves daily, gained back less weight.

Conclusion: To maintain weight loss, watch your weight closely and adjust your diet and exercise plans if you see a consistent weight increase. But keep in mind that scale weight does not tell the whole story – if you are gaining muscle – you have nothing to worry about.

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  1. Dr.J Says:

    The studies seem to indicate that most people who lose weight and then gain some back never are able to lose that weight again. If this is true then being vigilant to any gain would be a good idea. For myself, I maintain with exercise and being watchful of how much I eat.

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