How to Get Skinny: Anorexia

How to Get Skinny: AnorexiaContinued from Am I Too Skinny?

There is definitely a difference between being a thin individual and having anorexia nervosa.

While anorexia appears on the surface to be extreme thinness, it is a complex psychological disease that encompasses a fear of being obese, with the need for extreme control and a negative way of dealing with stress and anxiety.

Many anorexia sufferers start trying to lose a few pounds and end up on a path toward this deadly eating disorder that has a mortality rate of 5 to 18 percent.

While most anorexia suffers are teenage girls, recently there has been a sharp increase in the number of middle-aged women and men suffering from the disease.

Doctors classify an individual as anorexic when they met the following criteria:

-They weigh less than 85 percent of the normal weight range for their age, height and build.

-They have a distorted body image where they feel fat even when they may appear skeletal to a normal person.

-Despite their weight loss, they have a morbid fear of getting fat. In females, the menstrual period has ceased.

Anorexics are obsessive about counting calories, exercising and reducing what they eat as much as possible. They may be using diet pills, laxatives or diuretics. It’s estimated that in the United States anorexia affects as many as 1 million people.

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