How Sherri Shepherd Lost Weight

How Sherri Shepherd Lost Weight

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Sherri Shepherd’s weight loss has generated a lot of attention, but not all details about how she lost weight have been revealed, until now. In a recent interview, she has answered some probing questions about how she lost weight and what it takes to keep the lost weight off. If you want to know how Sherri Shepherd lost weight, here are the details.

What’s been the biggest change in your life since losing the weight? I have a lot more energy. Before, I would take Jeffrey [her 4-year-old son with ex-husband Jeff Tarpley] to the park and sit on the bench with the nannies, and I’d scream, “Get off those monkey bars! You’re gonna fall!” Now I can run and play with him.

Is there one thing you hated doing? The treadmill. Don had me doing this big incline. I’d be at a jog and go, “Do you see my breasts? I can’t jog!” And squats I hated, but I got into them because I saw a butt coming in. My butt wasn’t jiggly, it was like, “Baby got back!” I always made sure to do squats in perfect form: all the way down, then all the way up.

Are you going to continue the program? I’m going to continue. When I did my big reveal, yes my thighs still rubbed together, my arms still had some jiggle, my sides still had some spillover, but I felt good. I didn’t look like Kim Kardashian, but I felt good. So I’m gonna keep it up. I may not do four days a week now, but I took up tennis lessons and samba classes, and I’m trying to incorporate other stuff so I can phase this trainer out!

It must be fun to see people’s reactions to your weight loss. Are they shocked? It is a surprise for a lot of people. I lost almost four inches off my chest – I’m not happy! I kept being like, why couldn’t it come off my stomach first? But when people see me, they are really surprised. I lost a LOT of inches. I lost 10 inches!

So, you’d never get a breast reduction? I don’t understand what everyone’s obsession is with me getting a boob job! God gave these to me and I love my boobs. I wish they were bigger!

Being so busy, is it hard to stay healthy? It is! They had this lemon cupcake on the set the other day and it kept calling my name. And I’m not even going to lie, I’m not a cooker. I did Fresh Diet. What’s really good is, I got it for Jeffrey, too. It’s freshly cooked and they delivered it in the mornings, so I would just eat that. Then I would go ahead and have my cheat days. [via]

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