How Often Should I Workout?

How Often Should I Workout?

Ask 10 people how often should I workout and you are going to get 10 different answers. Why is that? There are a number of reasons. To answer the how often should I workout question intelligently requires that you answer some questions first.

What kind of questions? Here are some examples: What is your fitness goal? What are you trying to accomplish with your workout? How much time can you afford to spend exercising? Do you want to lift weights?

Another reason has to do with the fact that most people do not know what they are talking about, so they just give you whatever answer comes to their head. I do not want to sound supercilious or anything, it is just my observation that many people at the gym seem feckless and their workouts are vacuous. I am sorry if it sounds too harsh, but it is just too painful to watch an overweight person doing numerous crunches or some skinny dude doing triceps kickbacks in the squat rack.

So how many times a week should you workout? Let’s take a look-see.

How often should I workout if I want to lose belly fat? If you think you can target your problem areas with a specific exercise, you are mistaken. You will lose your belly fat when you lose weight. You can exercise all you want, but no amount of crunches can reduce belly fat.

How often should I workout if I need to lose weight? To lose weight, exercise three times a week. Walking is great for weight loss. Weight lifting is also great, but make sure that you follow a program that focuses on major muscle groups. Do not waste your time on high-rep-light-weights programs and exercises such as triceps kickbacks, concentration curls and crunches.

How often should I workout if I do not like to exercise? You do not have to exercise if you do not like it. Just be physically active – play sports, hike, swim, rollerblade, or go skiing – do whatever makes you happy. It does not really matter; just make sure that you engage in some form of physical activity a few times a week.

How often should I workout if I want to gain muscle? Nobody can answer this question accurately. Let me clarify that; it all depends on such things as your diet, your body type, your current fitness level, and a number of other important factors. That said, assuming you are consuming enough calories to support muscle grows, you should workout at least three times a week.

How often should I workout if I need to tighten some loose skin? It really depends on the amount of loose skin you have. If it is just a little (very little) you can probably “fix” it with exercise, but you do not need to exercise more than three times a week. You need to choose exercises that focus on growing muscle size in that area.

How often should I workout if I just want to stay in shape? If you do not need to lose weight, gain muscle or deal with loose skin, it is a good idea to engage in some form of physical activity every day. However, do not lift weights or run every day, it puts too much stress on the body – every other day is more than enough for such activities, and do not forget to take at least two days off, your body needs to rest and recover from exercise.

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