How Much Weight Do I Need to Lose?

How much weight do I need to lose? If I am 6 feet tall, 230 pounds, how much weight do I need to lose, please tell me? Lionel. [via Ask Questions]

I am not sure if I can answer your how much weight do I need to lose question correctly, because you have not provided enough information, but I will try. According to the standard BMI calculator, your Body Mass Index is 31.2. For someone your height, the normal range is between 18.5 and 24.9. When you get into the 25 to 29.9 zone, you are overweight, and when your BMI is 30 or greater, according to the BMI calculator, you are obese.

The question is: How much weight do I need to lose to make my BMI normal again? To put your BMI into the “normal weight” zone, your weight should be at least 180 pounds. This is the upper limit of the “normal weight” zone, right on the edge. In other words, your BMI needs to be at least 24.4, but to reach this number you need to lose 50 pounds. In case you do not know how to lose 50 pounds, here is how.

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