How Many Carbs for Breakfast?

I have a question in regards to your article. I went to a nutritionist and she said I could eat a thomas multigrain light english muffin with 1 tbsp. of almond or peanut butter as a breakfast option. why are you saying that 25g of carbs is a lot for a breakfast for someone who wants to lose weight? whats the ideal weight loss breakfast? can you explain? Thanks. Jessica. [via Ask Questions]

How many carbs for breakfast should you eat? First of all, follow what your nutritionist told you to do. Second, 25 grams of carbohydrates is not necessarily a lot for breakfast, it is just when it comes to healthy breakfast options, in my opinion, there are better choices out there.

As for perfect weight-loss breakfast, there is no such thing. However, generally speaking, you cannot go wrong with protein shakes, eggs, cold cuts (without added nitrates), Greek yogurt, steel cut oatmeal or cottage cheese with a scoop (or two) of quality protein powder. Another option to consider is a salad with canned sardines or salmon.

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