How Many Calories Does Jumping Rope Burn?

How Many Calories Does Jumping Rope Burn?On average, jumping rope burns about 11 calories per minute. If you crank up the intensity of your jumps, you can burn in the neighborhood of 20 calories per minute.

It’s easy to see why this exercise is easily one of the best cardio activities you can try.

You can jump rope anywhere – indoors, outdoors, on a side of a road – all you need is a jump rope. Jumping rope builds cardiovascular endurance and works almost every muscle in your body.

Unlike walking, which incidentally is another great calorie-burning exercise, jumping rope is not considered a low-impact activity, but it nicely complements walking.

Whether you need to lose some weight or just want to maintain or even improve your fitness level, try this exercise routine: walk at your top speed for 5 minutes, then jump rope for 1 minute, keep switching between walking and jumping rope for a total of 30 minutes.

Aim for three walking/jumping sessions three times a week for two weeks.

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  1. Zainab Says:

    I started jump roping to lose weight, and it worked with 2 months i lost 20 pounds. Then i tried walking on a treadmill, it didnt help alot i walked everyday for 30 min., then i decided to go back to jump roping.

  2. jennifer Says:

    how much did you jump rope? how many minutes??

  3. tovi Says:

    i love jump roping. i recently hit 101 lbs and want to get back down to 98 at least. i can prob jump for about 8 minutes non stop at a semi-fast pace (120 jumps per minute) so i hope i can burn maybe 3 lbs in 2 weeks. hope it works.

  4. what? Says:

    98lbs? what are you twelve? 98 lbs seems like an unhealthy goal to me.

  5. Person Says:

    I hate it when people say that. I’m 5 feet tall, small-framed and also 100 lbs, normally in my low 90’s. I need to lose weight as well. The numbers aren’t low because we’re anorexic; they’re low because our bodies are smaller than average. I’m not skinny at all.

  6. patrick Says:

    i play lacrosse competitively and jumping rope is great for keeping you in shape during the off season and building muscle and awareness during the regular season. if your an athlete jump rope it took me like 2 days to get good its fun, easy, and impressive. burns about 500 calories if you do it for 20 minutes, great work to loss ratio.

  7. Seranya Says:

    Oh come on, is this really true? Can jumping rope really burn that many calories? If it burns about 11 calories per minute, then I could easily burn 500 calories in 45 minutes! If it’s so efficient then why do people even bother to go to the gym and buy expensive treadmills when they can get the same effect by jumping rope?
    It just sounds too good to be true! Jumping rope is fun and easy, I just can’t believe it can burn that many calories…

  8. iFit& Says:

    Why go to the gym and use treadmills? Well, have you ever tried to jump rope for 45 minutes non-stop at moderate pace? It is very hard. It is not easy. In fact, an average person cannot do it. On the other hand, an average person can walk on a treadmill for 45 minutes or more with no problems. That’s why.

  9. Seranya Says:

    You can take breaks in between and it still has the same effect. You don’t have to jump or run 45 min straight. But even so, I can jump rope for a longer time than I can run on a treadmill, that’s why I was surprised. It’s just easier and more convenient, too – that’s another reason why I’m wondering if it’s really true – why do people choose to spend so much money on expensive equipment if the jumping rope has such a great effect?

  10. Cyrano Says:

    Taking breaks in between does not have the same effect. True, your heart rate probably won’t take too big a dip if you take short enough breaks, but the amount of calories burned will be lower. Calorie burning is just energy usage, and when you’re standing still you’re not using as much energy as you are jumping around.

    So taking breaks won’t take a big dent out of the increased metabolism you get during your workout (or your heart rate) your energy consumption will.

  11. FlorentinePogen Says:

    A good jump rope routine is a boxing match: 12 rounds, 3 minutes, 1 minute rest in between. It’s a very difficult workout.

    And who exactly can jump rope for 45 consecutive minutes?

  12. Dee Says:

    Think about it– when you jump up you are forcing your body to defy gravity. You are propelling your body upwards into the air which is a more difficult feat compared than propelling your body forwards (running & walking). Especially since in walking and jogging you get into a kinetic rhythm that you don’t with jumping rope. Therefore, it stands to reason it would expend more energy. It’s not a massive difference, (the 1 minute jumping rope = 30 mins jogging or whatever, is a fallacy), but it is more.

    Have you seriously tried jumping rope for the same amount you jog, and at a moderate pace? Jumping rope shouldn’t be easier than jogging. If it is, you’re doing it wrong.

  13. Tiana Says:

    I’m 135lbs at 5’4”, which to some people is heathly, but for me, I’d like to lose weight. What’s new? I read about the little article on the jumping rope and I think it’s absolutely amazing, but Dee has a great point on how it is much more efficent than jogging. So, now I’m going to jump rope for 20 minutes a day and see how it works out by the end of the week. Hopefully I lose some good pounds!

  14. Gary Says:

    I just had a visual of myself when dee wrote the part about defying gravity…LOL Ive been doing it for about a month now…Daily. My routine is 45 minutes on my stairclimber every 5 min I hop off and immediately Jump rope for 2 min the stair climber pauses the time so i still get the 45 in. opposite day I do the boxing match routine…Not up to 12 rounds yet but thats one of my goals… Ive seen my heart rate climb as high as 170 when I first started. Now its around 155….YOU CANT BEAT JUMPING ROPE

  15. lisab Says:

    i hate it when people say ”oh that seems unhealthy to me” when they’re probably over weight themselves. just because someone wants to be 98 pounds doesn’t mean they are a kid or unhealthy. they maybe short. people stop being such closed minded gits.

  16. lisab Says:

    Cyrano- you are completely wrong. stoping and taking a rest increases your body to burn fat because you are resting your body to give your metabolism enough time to work properly. don’t spread false infomation.

  17. D Says:

    I guess all of you have a point , I’m 5’4 and weigh at 145 I want to drop to at least 125. I’ve been doing the jumprope for like a week and I really do work up a sweat. Hope it works though!

  18. Meow Says:

    i am doing the 2 sets of 15 minutes per day i pulled a muscle in my leg the first day but now i’m all healed i want to lose at least 10 pounds by September those darn last ten pounds are so stubborn i’m 5’2 and 125 now i want to be 110-115lb

  19. Rosie Says:

    I am just starting to jump rope, how long should i jump for? I would like to lose about 25 pounds by september, do you think it is possible?

  20. Juleh Says:

    I’m with Rosie. I just started jump roping, and I want to lose about 25 pounds by September. I jump rope for 20 minutes a day, do Taekwondo for an hour – 6 days a week, and hula hoop for 30 minutes- every other day. (I will increase my jump roping time by 2-5 minutes every week.) I’m trying to change my diet by eating more healthy – cutting out as much starch and carbohydrates as I can… I don’t know if I’m doing a very good job at that though. I’m only 4′ 11″ but 115 pounds. (Yikes!) Do you guys think I can lose 25 pounds by September if I keep this up?

  21. peppy Says:

    i’m a personal trainer and caught snippets of an exercise physiologist’s conversation on a radio broadcast in which he mentioned a study that revealed a nice benefit from jumping rope is increased lymphatic system efficiency; makes sense because of the lymph’s movement assisted by the skeletal muscle pump system. sorry i don’t have any details of the study, physiologist’s name, etc. i’m just happy to see that so many people in this forum jump rope, since it’s a favorite of mine, and so portable. those who find it difficult to sustain it for a longer period of time hang in there – your endurance will improve and you’ll be a 30-minute-nonstop-jumper one day! and rosie i love your will to lose that much weight, but not by september; you’d need to resort to drastic and possibly unsafe measures. maybe be october! juleh also : )

  22. MikeLA Says:

    I have been doing jumping rope exercises for about three months, and I love it. It is probably the best exercise (not counting walking) for overall conditioning and weight loss. By the way: What is the correct way of saying it? Is it “jump rope” or “jumping rope” or “rope jumping”? Anyway, I despise running, but jumping rope is fun and I can do it in my backyard. I believe it has helped me lose 10 pounds.

  23. selena Says:

    im 13… 90 pounds and 5’4. i just wanna get a tad skinner. but i don’t wanna overdue it. so how many jumps should i do in order to reach 85 pounds?

  24. Aaron Says:

    You people who think jumping rope is easy…its not, just try 10 straight minutes of just jumping rope, its a strong cardio workout

  25. Lloyd Says:

    I am a 16 year old male (lol)…standing at 5’7″ and weighing at 134.4 lbs. I’ve been kind of optimistic about this jump rope thing…but does it really work? Because I wanna lose at LEAST 7 lbs. or MORE in just 3-4 weeks before school starts again. Is it possible? and my diet consists of 100 calorie organic soy milk and a banana or grapes for breakfast, NO LUNCH or any form of snacks but PLENTY (about 2 Nalgene bottle) of water for the whole day. And as for my dinner, it is a 2-3 scoops of brown rice and a broccoli or any type of veggie and 1 piece of chicken wing. My usual workout is running 2 miles on Monday, Wednesday, And Friday for 20 minutes at a speed of 9 miles per hour nonstop…I wanna change it up a little because I don’t think running is working for me anymore. PLEASE HELP T.T

  26. Joe Says:

    Lloyd, I have personally found cutting calories and carbs etc doesnt help as much as consestent workouts. Just running and doing jumprope is a good start but for the quickest results I would mix some weight training in with your cardio a month of so of lifting atleast four days a week will drasitcally increase the weight you lose. I try to lift monday through friday and do cardio every other day and it has worked wonders for me. It sounds like you have a good plan for your diet if you can add more to your routine with lifting it should help a lot.

  27. Meina Says:

    Lloyd: I have heard that not eating enough and too many calories burned can lead to the body going into starvation mode, thinking you don’t have enough food and storing the fat. I’d really recommend eating lunch; maybe a small lunch if you want, but then a healthy snack in the afternoon, like a yogurt parfait or a fruit salad (no dressing). Eating 4-5 small meals increases your metabolism better than 3 large meals. Your dinner sounds good and drinking lots of water is great. You can also try raw nuts- a small handful, not roasted (those get addicting) with an apple; that fills you up. If jogging gets boring, you can try jogging until you reach say, a lamp post and then do something different like high-knees (?) and then switch to something else when you get to the next lamp post. Lots of water, healthy calories, low fats, and good carbs, and plenty of exercise, you should be able to reach your goal. Now I’m off to skip! 😛

  28. Lori Says:

    Oh my goodness!!! Compared to the rest of you I feel like the goodyear blimp. I am truly obese and feel inspired by how much exercise you all do. Don’t laugh or judge but I am 261 lbs. and have tried every diet out there. I have always struggled with my weight but more so after I had my child. I went from 180 to about 320. There is no way I could jump rope for 45 minutes straight. I have come to a point in my life where I feel like I need a complete makeover to stay healthy and more importantly stay ALIVE! Since most of you here seem to be healthy please help. I have reduced my calorie intake to about 1400 calories eating fiber one cereal for breakfast, a fruit snack, salad…yogurt…and sandwich for lunch….a 3 to 4 oz. meat with a vegetable for dinner…and sometimes another piece of fruit. I usually drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. I try really hard to watch my calories. Sometimes i get headaches but I think that is some type of sweet withdrawal. As far as exercise I walk 2 minutes jog 1 minute until I complete 1 mile 3 times a week and I just started jump roping but I can only do it for about 3 minutes straight and then I rest 1 minute until I reach 25 minutes and I do that 2 times a week. Do you think if I just jump roped 5 days a week that it would be more beneficial? The reason I ask is because since I started this routine about 2 weeks ago I haven’t seen that much of a weight change and I want to maximize the amount of calories burned. Your advice is definitely welcome.

  29. Gwen Says:

    Consider veganism or at the very least vegetarianism along with exercise. THat in itself will drop the pounds. there are plenty of helpful websites but I recommend the book Skinny Bitch. I was also a big drinker and when i got rid of the booze the pounds melted off. These are just my personal experiences and i can’t speak for everyone. This works for me. But no matter what your diet, exercise is key.

  30. Mike D. Says:

    so last monday about 30 of us got together and decided to do this “biggest loser” competition. well all pony up 5 bucks a month regardless of how much weight we well as 1 dollar a week when we weigh in on mondays. If, when you weigh in your weight stays the same (rounded to the closest pound) you pay a dollar. If you gain any’s 2 dollars a pound (rounded to the nearest pound). It started Aug 16 and is going to Dec 21. I had been jogging all week. 1 mile jogging, 1 mile walking before work…2 miles jogging/fast walking in the evening after work. I lost almost 6 lbs the first week.

    I started the thing at 285.3 (the biggest i had ever weighed in my life , i’m 31 6’1 male). guess that’s what happens when you marry a cajun girl who likes to cook jambalaya and gumbo! anyhow back on point.

    i just picked up a jump rope and started using it in the back the sun..with it 95 degrees outside (before i came across this article) and let me tell ya..i do it for sets of 50 at a time (took a cpl days to get my rythm and timing down to do 50 consecutive) and it’s a HELLUVA workout..i love it…i like it more than’s easier on my joints (ankles and knees) and i can feel muscles i havent felt working since i was 23.

    now i do 750 jumps in the morning and try to do 1000 in the evening. i have a feeling when i weight in this week i’ll be able to drop significantly more than last week with running alone.

  31. B Says:

    I started rope jumping years ago, for high school football. I picked it up again for amateur boxing, and now I continue it for Goju Ryu karate. I can go about 45 non stop. I’ve gone longer, up to an hour, but I’m told it’s better to interval with a minute fast and a minute slow for less time. Any more I’m told will be counter productive. It takes awhile to learn how to jump that much, but the advantages are worth the whip marks you’ll get on your legs.

  32. sailorlady Says:

    i just finished jumping rope right now. i did 30 mins =1011 jumps. i paused after ever 100 jumps for 20 secs n kept at it. with pumping music it really isnt that difficult. im currently at 190 something lbs trying to lose about 40 lbs by Feb 2nd 2010. i do watch my calorie intake now and walk for an hr a day. hopefully jumping will help me out. i noticed jumping makes me sweat about 10 times more than just walking or jogging! i love it. it means im pushing my body to work itt! :)

  33. Katie Says:

    I’m an athlete and jumping rope has been the BEST possible workout for me. I break up the time doing either 30 mins-20 mins-10 mins all non stop or 20 mins-20 mins-10 mins every day. It beats running, walking, everything. I have found it to be a killer calorie burner and a major muscle toner. Give it a shot. The only problem I have with it is I have developed a pain in the top of my foot. Try to jump on cushioned surfaces, anything but cement. Good luck

  34. Mike D. Says:

    *update* Lost 5 lbs this week watching what i was eating and jumping rope for only about half an hour a day. (jumping rope to 1000). 10 lbs in 2 weeks aint too shabby.

  35. June Stead Says:

    I took up rope jumping or ‘skipping’ a it is known in the UK almost a year ago and was totally enthralled from day one. I’ve since gained a coaching qualification with the British Rope skipping Association and am teaching others to skip. My one piece of advice would be to learn how to jump correctly and efficiently with correct form. Make sure you have a rope the right size and cross trainers pref with some gel in the forefoot. Practice jumping until you are no more than half an inch off the floor and never jump on a hard surface.

    It builds long lean muscle (my legs and glutes have never looked so good) and it also builds upper body muscle. As for burning calories nothing beats it though the scales may not register weight loss immediately due to putting on muscle. Most of all it is such FUN. I can be jumping around for two plus hours practising tricks etc… and it is so graceful and athletic. PS I was 49 years old when i picked up the rope for the first time. Check out the professionals on the web.. Peter Nestler, Buddy Lee, Rene Bibaud, Ropesport, Aerosport. Get jumping people its going to be soooo fashionable. Ask Madonna!!!

  36. Mike D. Says:

    after a mont of jumping rope and eating right i’ve lost 18.5 lbs.

  37. StevenM Says:

    I just started jumping rope today and did 40 mins of start and stop (mainly because I am so out of practice and the rope kept hitting my feet haha). I was originally a runner but now the thought of running makes me feel like puking. Skipping makes me sweat way more than running does, but I don’t feel like I just did cardio. Is that the way I’m supposed to feel? After running you obviously feel like you just did something major, but after skipping it feels like I just cheated my way out of a cardio workout 😛

  38. Matt Says:

    I’m an ast. manager at Gold’s Gym. I work and workout with trainers all day and they all say that jumping rope is one of the best cardio excersises a person can do. I’ve been using it in my workout regimen going on three years now and let me tell you, there is nothing better. I’m 6’0 and weigh between 175-180. If I didn’t include my jumprope routine it’d probably be a bit higher. It works that well. I do very little lifting. My workout is simple; my jumprope routine, 3-5 sets of 12 pullups, and running/walking for about 45 minutes to an hour. So if your not into weight training, this is the perfect calorie burning workout that also gives you shredded lean muscle. Here’s my 15 minute jumprope routine.

    -jumprope for 3 minutes at average pace

    -do as many pushups you can for 30 seconds
    -do as many situps you can for 30 seconds

    -rest 1 minute

    -jumprope for 3 minutes at fast pace

    -do as many pushups you can for 30 seconds
    -do as many situps you can for 30 seconds

    -rest one minute

    -jumprope for 3 minutes at average pace

    -do as many pushups you can for 1 minute
    -do as many situps you can for 1 minute

    You not only burn between 150-250 calories depending on your weight, but you increase strength in your upper and lower body for even higher endurance workouts. Give it a shot. You will see results quickly. Trust me.

  39. Herkiss Says:

    Oh My God!!!! I just completed the 15 Minute jumprope routine and I am panting harder than my 3 mile brisk walk-jog routine that I do everyday. Wow! Thanks!

  40. Sphe Says:

    Hy guys i’m a 16 year old and i weigh 107lbs i’d like to lose 25 pounds in 2 weeks time ..please help me i need all the advice i can get.

  41. Lury Says:

    Hey Matt. I’m a female i weight 185 pounds, my height is 5′ 4″ and I would like to lose 20 to 30 pounds. Seems like i have a lot of weight to lose but i really don’t have that much belly fat to lose.

    Do you think if jump rope for 5 minutes, do treadmill for 10 minutes, rest 1 minutes, jump rope for 5 minutes, treadmill for 10minutes, test 1 minute, jump rope 5 minutes, treadmill for 15 minutes – do you think i can lose the weight i want?

  42. Char Says:

    Lori, hun I wouldn’t go as far as veganism or vegetarianism…Do some research and talk with your doctor to see what he/she recommends is best and at what limit, for your body. There are multiple things you have to take into consideration when dealing with health issues and exercise regimen…some advice are sensible, but you have to weigh your options (no pun intended) so-to-speak…I wish you all the best. I too, have changed my diet portions and have cut out pop, sweets and alcohol…occassionally, I may falter but rare….exercise I hate, but I am starting it again…I will start a jump rope routine…Oh, I am 30, 5’5″ and within 5mths I have lost 13 pounds…I am now at 165…all I did so far, was watch my portions, no greasy stuff foods, NONE…and Lori, you are awesome to drink so much water, I hate water, but I have a 240z with lemon juice, twice a day..I’m trying to drink more water. Do some resarch and speak with your Doctor Lori..And understand it all takes some time…Don’t rush too fast into anything….You will see the pounds fall off when you aren’t watching a time-line or scale….Good luck hun.

  43. Max Says:

    Hy all, i have seen all the comments and i think you ppl are doing the jump rope at a very very slow phase. I combine jump rope with tabata training and i do like 20 sec jump rope and 10 sec break for 8 times and i do around 87-100 jumps in 20 seconds = approx 800 jumps in 4 min complete. it’s very very intense and pains like hell, you will be panting like any thing by the end and might even fall down as initially we can’t even stand. try this routine and let me know.

  44. Jay Says:

    Try jumping rope for 3 minutes straight and rest for one minute, then start the cycle again, 3 min, rest 1 min. Do that for 30 minutes 3 times a week. You will burn a minimum of 300 calories per session. The problem is people jump rope for 30 min, burn 300 calories and then have a 600 calorie lunch. You just defeated the purpose. You can’t take in 3,000 calories a day, burn a 1,000 and expect to lose weight. In order to lose weight you MUST burn more calories than you take in!! Period.

  45. Lury Says:

    Hey thanks for the advice Char. It’s hard doing all this exercise then I see nothing. I have a treadmill at home but haven’t seen results. What kinds of routines are good?

  46. Danielle Says:

    Hi everybody. My response is to those who are trying to lose weight and want some advice. I used to be overweight and now have found what works for me. Please let me share.

    -Exercise without dieting may make you healthier, but not skinnier.
    -Dieting without exercise may make you skinnier, but not healthier.
    -It’s easier to cut calories out of your diet than burn with exercise.
    -Exercise in the morning after drinking only water (or something with caffeine) helps burn fat.
    -Exercise should take you out of your comfort-zone. (Sweat!)
    -If you’re sore from previous workout, give your body a rest. It needs to repair. Walk if you need to keep routine.
    -Cut out whites -sugar, salt, whitebreads, etc. Simple carbohydrates make you hungrier, and salt makes you retain water weight.
    -Buy a scale that measure BODY FAT! Measure and monitor your body fat at least every other day. Write it on your calendar and track only your TRENDS. Do not even look at your weight.
    -If you fall off the wagon, do not use that as an excuse to give up. Just start over with the next meal, day, etc.
    -As a general rule, drink only water, eat fresh fruits, veggies, and lean meats with every meal. Limit your whole grains to the equivelant of about a bowl of cereal a day (which is the recommended amount).
    -Eat small amounts. Even if you’re still hungry, put the food aside to eat in an hour if you’re still hungry then. It’s not going anywhere.
    -Don’t try to change your entire life overnight. Try to incorporate 1-2 changes to your routine and keep them for a month. Then add more. I’d recommend starting by drinking only water and exercising (jump rope).

    Most important, make small choices every day/meal that you can feel good about. I’m now in good shape, but when I behave in ways I used to (i.e. overeating, etc.), I feel as fat as I used to be. When I make healthy food and exercise choices, I feel great about myself.

  47. Mike D. Says:

    2 months in and i’m down 31 lbs. Altho i’m doing more than JUST jumping rope now it’s still incorporated in my workout with the stationary bike and the elliptical machine (which btw will kick yer behind, definitely a good workout). as well as lifting weights now. i’m about 30 lbs from my target weight of 215 lbs. Started with jumping rope!

  48. Lillian Says:

    Couldn’t you get the same exercise jumping up and down ???

  49. Darren Says:

    I’ve been jogging and dieting for a little over a month and lost 10 lbs. This is usually where I plateau and give up, but not this time. I picked up a jump rope on a whim because it has been raining these past 2 days and gave it a go just now. I should have read this beforehand because I made the mistake of double-jumping and going 10 minutes non-stop. Still, for my first ever jump rope workout I feel as tired as a 30 minute jog. I’ll continue with sets of 3 minutes jumping 1 minute rest for 20 minutes every other day for a month and see how it goes.

    @Mike D, congrats, keep it up!

  50. Annie Says:

    i’ve been trying to lose weight by dieting and by jumping rope half an hour the first ten days and i lost five pounds in it then i calculated how much would i b able to loose in 40 days i expected to loose 20 lbs in 40 days, but now i checked after twenty days its still the same meaning i only lost five pounds the first ten days and its been 20 days all together. I should have lost five more pounds. why didn’t i ? can anyone help me with this? or suggest something?

  51. BB Says:

    @Annie: You’ve probably hit a plateau where your body’s now used to the the routine and hence, your metabolism slows down because now your body can do the same amount of work with less energy needed. This translates into less calories burnt. Try mixing up your routine. For instance, you could skip for 10 minutes, run for 10, and go back to skipping for the last 10 minutes. Vary your exercise routine; it keeps your body “guessing” and your weight will drop off.

  52. Annie Says:

    thanks BB. One more thing I would like to ask, if u could tell me how much weight will i lose in the coming 2 months if I jumprope for at least an hour a day? With a proper diet, do you think i can loose up to 25 lbs ?

  53. Connichiwa Says:

    @Mike D. congrats!!! Keep it going…you inspire me! I’ve been rope jumping for about a week now. It certainly works out a lot of sweat.

  54. Annie Says:

    hey mike congrats on ur achievement! could u tell me ur diet? like what do u eat n what u dont. and how many hours a day do u exersise?

  55. Mitch Says:

    WOW everyone here is awesome and I am happy I started jump rope. I’m going to start by introducing myself. my name is Mitch and 5″(foot) 5′ (inches) and i weigh between 136-140. I’m about 10-20 pounds overweight or at least i feel it and see it anyways i started eating healthy, doing cardio ,working out started about 3 days ago and today i decided to do jumprope a few hours i did my jog wich isn’t a very big cardio workout for 30 mins. and what i did was 30 jumps as many pushups and crunches as possible and went up by ten at a time let me tell you I FINNALY sweat like a PIG it was awesome i loved it and know my legs hurt lol but my legs will gain muscle and adjust I only did full sets of course and so every time i hit my legs i restarted that number so i had to restart 100 almost everytime i got around 50-75 lol. well I’ll see what happens this friday after i weigh myself and ill give everyone an update.

  56. Marii Says:

    hey guys, I’m 16 years old 4’11 and weight 132 pounds. i’m really overweight. I plan on losing 20 pounds. how long will it take for me to lose weight if i do the jump rope routine for 45 minutes? thanks!

  57. dandan Says:

    jump roping makes me feel good, i feel great doing tis exercise routine. at first it’s really hard to do. you have to be so determined in order to overcome frustrations at first. but yes, it pays off when you just continue doing it. The best benefit is that you’ll feel younger and stronger as you do it everyday. i started by just rope jumping for 10 mins a day and eventually i improved. i can now jump rope for as much as 1 hour a day. of course i take a rest in between specially when i could not jump any longer.

  58. kip thompson Says:

    mmk everyone, I am a professional natural bodybuilder, an ACE certified personal trainer, and i have to say that your goals of being able to jump rope for 45 consecutive minutes is a little off track. have ever noticed how your heart rate increases for a short time after you stop running or after swimming laps? this is what you are after. you dont want to run or swim or cycle (or jump rope) the entire 45 minutes, ideally you want what is reffered to as HIIT (high intensity interval training) where if running you would walk for 5 mins, sprint untill you feel your heartrate climb, then walk until you feel it start to drop again then repeat. incorporate this into any cardio routine (swimming, cycling, jump rope etc) 2-3 times per week and you will easily lose 2lbs per week with proper diet, however, as a man you will lose muscle mass as well as body fat without atleast 1g of protien per 1lb of lean body mass per day this is ok for women as a smaller physique is usually the goal but men generally want a lean muscular build. the idea is to maintain an elevated heart rate for as long as possible without overstressing fast twitch muscle fibres that way you can stress them into hypertrophy (make them bigger) during strength training. and also loose this philosiphy of lose weight…..loosing weight is not the goal….losing bodyfat is. concentrate more on losing bodyfat than losing weight get a caliper from GNC for 12 bucks and throw your bathroom scale in the garbage it will only discourage you. using a jump rope HIIT style in combination with strength training (weights) and proper diet WILL yeild amazing results. women who are not female bodybuilders should use an excercise ball and a medicine ball workout program to develop strength and tone and burn calories rather than weights but otherwise HIIT and proper diet are the same male or femal. caloric requirement must be calculated per individual there is no standard template to ensure weight loss or muscle gain. email me with any questions about diet and caloric requirement.

  59. kip thompson Says:

    ANNIE, how tall are you, what is your current weight, age, BF% activity level besides workout routine ? you have to determine your caloric requirement and stay below that number. Mike D is absolutely correct about the plateau effect. your body has become used to the routine. the most important part of loosing bodyfat is your diet excercise only accelerates the proccess but as your body adjusts to (jumping rope) for a set number of minutes per day it reserves fuel stores to accomodate the requirement. Try to switch between HIIT powerwalking or rowing or cycling or any other form of cardio about every 2 weeks. alot of false information has been spoken about carbs and they have been given a bad rap. the low carb high fat high protien diet is known as ketogenic dieting and is accompanied by tremendous lack of energy, slower metabolism and the balloon effect (rapid regain of weight that has been lost) try to eat 6-7 times per day and consume as much protien as you can (get a protien supplement powder and mix it with water 2 times per day) trying to get adequate protien from whole foods and loose bodyfat at the same time is nearly impossible. foods with a fat/protien ratio of 1g/3g are great. foods like eggwhites, cottage cheese, boneless skinless chicken, fruits and veggies, and nuts are ok, but avaoid foods like cheese, fatty beef, simple sugars like GATORADE, POWERADE any marketed energy drink are loaded with simple sugars the gatorade cups on the NFL sidelines are filled with water folks…trust me. protien has a thermogenic affect as your body converts protien into amino acids alot of energy is expended therefore burns calories and fat. the fruits and veggies also provide enough carbs to keep your brain working properly and keep you coordinated. by eating these foods 6-7 times per day you keep your caloric intake in check (email me and we can figure out what the number is) and also trick your metabolism into high gear, your body will not feel as if it is starved and will not attempt to store excessive amounts of fat.

  60. Snow_White Says:

    Hi all, I am 20 and 5′ 3″ and I weigh around 118-120 pounds. I would want to be around 100 pounds. I have been trying to run 2-2.5 miles every other day the last week and did around 50 situps every day. I have also tried to change my diet to healthy fruit milkshakes in the morning for breakfast, a low-carb lunch and a oats meal dinner. I do seem to feel fitter mentally but I would like someone to suggest a healthy workout for me to lose around 10-15 pounds ( in around 2 months? which I hope is feasible). Do let me know if 6-8 weeks is a possible timeframe as well? Oh, and I am also a vegetarian, non smoker and non drinker. Thank you so much for your time.

  61. Tara Says:

    Im a 19 yr old female. I weigh 143 I wanna lose 20-30 lbs. I exercised for a hour straight for 6 day jogging/walking. But today 12-18-09 I decided to just start jump roping 30 mins a day at a fats past. How many calories will this born and how long will it take me to lose the weight?

  62. samantha Says:

    I’m 16 years old 5’5″ and i weight 185 pounds i don’t really look that big (other then my hips butt and thighs) but i sure do feel big. especially considering the fact that 1 year ago i was weighing in at 165 i really want to lose 25-30 pounds by June . i bought a jump rope and will begin doing 1 hour 3 times a day 6 days a week and joining the Special k Diet! Tip, Warnings, Opinions all welcome. BTW i will give an update in 2 weeks to let you know how I’m doing.

  63. evelyn Says:

    hi my name is evelyn and i’m 19, my height is 5′02″ and i weight 140.3 pounds. i have read all of your comments and i think that jumping rope thing sounds great, so i was wondering how many hours a day i have to jump to lose 20 pounds in 2 months?

  64. Logan Says:

    Hey im 14 years old and im 5’8 and 170 lbs. although im pretty muscularly built id like to get rid of all my excess fat and pack on about 45lbs of muscle. im not worried about the muscle part because i bulk pretty easily for my age but the losing weight part is hard. im just jump roping about 20 min a day seven days a week at a very high speed. is that enough? should i go longer or run too? i just want to lose about 15 to 20 lbs in a few months.

  65. smilesz Says:

    well i began to jump rope and in only 3 days of 1 hour per day intervals of jump roping i lost 2 pound. Problem is i had to stop because my leg muscles got strained to the point that walking was pain full && nearly impossible. so my suggestion to all you asking is YES jumping rope does help you lose weight but don’t push your self to hard . DO NOT jump rope on concrete! according to my doc. this is why i hurt myself ! TODAY I’m trying some thing new. the rule is no WHITE FOODS! other then egg whites and lots of veggie and water. My leg is back in working order so i will follow my diet and jump rope for about 30min per day 6 days a week and they key secret is to indulge your self in fat foods 1nce per week (preferably weekends) to sort of trick your body into losing fat rapidly. i will gladly update you in a week to let you know how I’m doing; if in deed this “lifestyle” if effective. Please feel free to ask question or make comments! pce.

  66. Ryan Says:

    For the most part, my cardio has consisted of interval running (2 minutes moderate, 2 minutes medium-high, and one minute high) for 30 minutes. i have found, with this routine, that i burn around 450 calories (or more) in 30 minutes. i have recently incorporated jumping rope and it has done wonders! while jumping rope for a sustained amount of time requires more skill and agility than running, once you’re able to keep up with it, it CRUSHES running, at least in my opinion. Yesterday, I jumped rope for 35 minutes, with the following routine: 30 seconds jumping, resting 15 seconds, 30 seconds jumping, repeat. So, in a one minute period, I jump for 45 seconds and rest 15 seconds. After 30 minutes of this cycle, I burned around 550 calories. Plus, my calves get an amazing workout! I hope to be able to get to 1 minute of jumping and 15 seconds of rest by the end of March. With that pace, I should be burning well over 600 calories in a half hour. It’s not easy at the beginning, but it’s well worth it!

  67. Emily Says:

    Jump roping is amazing. I have lost significant weight twice jumping rope (unfortunatley, I quit working out and also gained it back), and there is nothing I have ever found that invigorates me more. I read a book about the power of jump roping over 10 years ago. It’s called “Stop, You’re Exercising Wrong.” Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the author, but if you google the title, his name sounds Polish. In his opinion, jumping rope is the best exercise you can do. From reading a lot about it, I have learned that the best place to jump is on suspended wood (like an aerobics studio). People have said it before, but don’t double jump – one jump per rope revolution. A cheap plastic rope always works the best for me. Just so you know, I’ve always started out my routine by number of jumps. I usually start with 200 revolutions, then I walk around for about 30 seconds to 1 minute (depending upon how tired I am). I repeat this routine until I’ve jumped at least 1000 revolutions. While I jump, I concentrate on a place on the wall in front of me -it helps me keep my balance and keeps me concentrating. You DO NOT need to jump for a certain amount of minutes to make this effective. Start off small and build up, so you keep it up. I just started a weight loss plan two weeks ago, again, and I do a machine (eliptical, treadmill, bike) for 25-30 minutes, then the jump roping routine. I’ve lost about 7lbs so far. (Yes, I have modified my diet). Today, I worked out for 20 minutes on the stationary bike (which kills me), then a half a mile jog, then 10 minutes on the eliptical. I finished with my jump roping. I felt good enough to try so I did 600 repetitions, then took a minute walk, and finsihed with the last 400 repetitions. Finally, for people who believe they can’t do this, I started out two weeks ago at 201 lbs (the highest I’ve ever been in my life). You don’t have to be incredibally fit or thin. This is the last time I will start out this way…I’m going to keep it off this time. Skeptics…try it! It is fabulous.

  68. Emily Says:

    Forgot to add: You should wear cross-trainer tennis shoes, not running shoes when jumping rope. Running shoes do not have cushion at the sole of your foot, where you land, and all of the bulk on the heal of a running shoes is a place the rope can get caught and break your stride.

  69. Aida Says:

    Hello everyone,

    I’m excited to be joining the jump rope team. I’m 37 years old, 5.1 and am currently weighing 146 lbs. I have been trying to loose weight for quite some time. I joined slim in 6 back in June of 2009. I have accomplished some weight loss but to my dismay, I grew tired and stressed for not having a good schedule I can work with. I try to make things happen by waking up at 5:00 a.m. to get my work out in the morning hours and be able to care for my family during the evening hours when I get home from work. In Sept. of 2008 I was weighing 161 lbs. due to meds for asthma. I feel much better for having lost 15 lbs. and am hoping to drop down to at least 120 lbs. I know that these 26 lbs. aren’t going to be easy so I’m going to work hard at improving my diet and jumping rope for at least one hour, five days a week. Your help and motivation is much needed!

  70. Jesse Says:

    Hey i have been skipping rope for the last 1 month. I skip for 45 minutes (2000 times) four times a week. Although my fitness level is great, i havent lost a single pound. What could i be doing wrong?

  71. Emily Says:

    Jesse- how is your diet? Are you keeping a diary of what you are eating? I recommend The Daily Plate on the site is free, and you would be surprised how many foods are already in the system under the search tab. You’ve probably heard it before, but you would be surprised about how much you are really eating if you aren’t keeping track. Also, it is awesome how you are consistantly working out 4x per week. Even if your weight hasn’t budged, I know your heart and health are really improved. However, new recommendations I have read say that you should work out 30? minutes (can’t remember the exact number) most days of the week to lose weight. I’m not sure if four days is enough to lose weight. However, if you are taking in less calories than what you need on a daily basis (keep in mind that 3500 calories equals a pound), and working out, you should be losing weight. If after really examining you diet and exercise routine and nothing adds up, I would see a doctor. It might be your thyroid, insulin resistance, or something else. Good luck!

  72. Nathalie Says:

    I’m glad I found this site because I happened to have bought a rope today to assist my workout routine and lifestyle change. I had no idea that jumping work was so much better than my walking and elliptical. We started the biggest loser at work on 1/1/10 and will end on 6/1/10. I have lost 5lbs as of this week on Weight Watchers and hoping to loose 50lbs by that date but 100lbs overall. I’m 5’5″ and my starting weight was 253.8lbs. My awful all time high. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Thanks for all your comments and experience.

  73. Ciara Says:

    I work in childcare, and have recently began to do jump rope ‘competitions’ with the kids. It’s great! I usually do no exercises and although im not fat (per say) I’m feeling so much better doing this 5 days a week. I’m feeling less bloated, and less bored, as well as that bit happier as the endorphins go through my body not to mention i’m getting some serious brownie points with the kids. I feel privileged to have a great job with the facilities of a back-yard gym! I’m buying my own skipping rope soon.

  74. Brittany Says:

    I just bought a jumprope tonight! I am so exited to see. Umm how long should I jump rope at one time? And how many times a day? The reason I am losing weight is because I have seen my number on the scale. Was not too happy about it. I have been cutting the calories down and drinking a lot of water. Wish me luck.

  75. Tie Says:

    Hello all, My jump rope routine consists of 4 sets of 300. I can do 300 in 2 minutes. How many calories am I burning?

  76. R Says:

    Mike D – WOW, congrats. :) Keep up the amazing work. I am just beginning to take up jump roping and your progress and persistence are so inspiring.

  77. adriel Says:

    This really works! I have lost five pounds doing this and i am really overweight. 190 at 5’7″ YIKES! But what i do is jump 50 jumps take a breath the then do another 50 and so on so forth until i reach 1000.

  78. selena c Says:

    i have just started jumping rope for a workout because i got bored with my last workout routine. even though i am in pretty good shape i do ten minutes of straight jump rope and it’s a killer! wow what a great workout, can’t wait till i can do 20 minutes although it seems unfathomable to me at this moment.

  79. r Says:

    selena – you will be able to do it! Just stay persistent. I got off to a slow start and literally couldn’t do more than 50 without becoming totally winded and sweaty, but after about 2 weeks now, I’ve lost 5 pounds and I don’t even break a sweat until I’m at about 250 jumps! I’m now doing about 600 per day (taking a breather every 60 jumps) and hope to get up to about 1000 by this time next week. Good luck everyone and keep up the inspiring work!

  80. David Says:

    How many jump ropes should i do everyday to lose weight? Not how many minutess.

  81. Annie Says:

    Hi i’ve just come across this as i have just brought a skipping rope (jump rope) as i’m really motivated to lose weight. I am 18 years old and im a size 10-12 in woman’s size which is consdiered a healthy weight as the averege size in the UK is 14. From the waist down, no-one would think i was fat, my legs are toned and slim. It’s just my belly that’s the problem, since monday i’ve been walking for about 2 hours each day and have started to do stair steps. I have cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch (occasionally have fruit for snacks too) and tuna and salad for dinner or egg white and tuna with salrd. I want to be able to become slim on my tum before next weekend, or at least loose weight, i think i weight about 12 stone? Please could anyone give me any tips or to tell me if this excersise will work. Thank you it would be very much apperiated!

  82. SemperFi Says:

    David, don’t concern your self with number of jumps, you and I can jump side by side and we will have different results, the time is the key. I do intervals of 10 min 3-4 times a day, and here’s how it goes. According to my fancy little rope (digital readout) I jump at a pace of about 100 jpm (jumps per minute) I just started about a three days ago so my coordination is still a little off, so the rope trips me up and I have to restart. The important thing is not to count jumps but put every ounce of effort into that ten minutes. I may get a thousand or I may only get 850, the point is that I am sweating, my heart rate is up and I just burned about a hundred calories (going on the assumption that 1 min of good jumping gets you about 9-10 calories burned. According to some older posts that seems to be a more reasonable number than some others), think of the funny picture of the Egret (long Billed bird that preys on frogs) trying to eat a frog and the frog has its hands wrapped around the birds throat. The caption says “never give up!” Be the frog. PEACE.

  83. macon Says:

    jumping rope can be hard, but for those of you saying that just ten minutes is difficult, i don’t know about that. I’m 21 and 5’4″ at 175 lbs that is a lot. I would like to drop into the low 140s but 130s would be nice, but i can jump rope for an hour straight and i don’t do it often at all. And I can’t say that i ain’t doing it right, because I need a new shirt every time, it just gets completely wet period.

  84. Hello Says:

    what if I jump rope for 2 to 3 minutes and then power walk for one minute as a cool down and rest, and repeat for a 30 minute session? will I still be able to burn as many calories?

  85. rosalie Says:

    hello, I am happy to have bumped into this article. Im 5 2 1/2, 38 yrs old 155lb, post menopause and struggling with a screeching halt in losing weight. I started jumping rope in grade school and loved it. Just recently I remembered how fast I lost weight jumping rope when I was fighting muay thai style kickboxing 12years ago. I am determined to drop these 30lb that have just creeped up on me over the last two years. I am 4months post foot surgery and I do a bootcamp style workout 2-3 times a week. I watch my calorie intake closely and eat whole foods, fish 3 times a week, chicken and I try a new vegetable every week. I weigh in weekly and I’m down 3lbs from last weeks weigh in. I have always learned the slower you lose the weight the longer it will stay off. I Dont diet but i choose a healthy eating lifestyle. I do slip(after all i am human) but i just jump right back into my healthy eating pattern. All of the Articles I have read Inspire me to reach my goal. BTW I had just finished working out for a short 20min workout, a very fast paced jump rope session with some muay thai kicks and punches and ab work for a nice sweat dripping cardio session. Thanks for the motivation, I wish everyone the best for the weight loss goals.

  86. who dey Says:

    I train in mma (muay thai, and bjj) and for warm up we do 15 minutes of jump roping just for a warm up. we will do 5 minutes of jump rope then 1 minutes of squats and we do that 3 times. jump roping is a very good exercise it can almost be compared to running and it really helps out ur calf muscles if u can stay on your toes the whole time. in boxing or muay thai it is used for a little bit of endurance but for the most part for us we use it for foot work and technique, after all accoring to my coach jorge gurgel u cant fight if u cant jump rope.

  87. AaronLisa Says:

    I weigh 320lbs. Being depressed and not caring about myself.I just started jumping rope and it’s great. I jump for 30 secs then do 10 up and downs then jump for 30 secs again.Back and forth fore 10-20 minutes do 100 crunches and watch what I’m eating and its been good for me it was hare at first but I am getting used to it.

  88. Deke Says:

    I’m a 39 year old bodybuilder. I’m 5’9″ and 195lbs. I jump rope after weight training. I try for 30mins at moderate/fast speed. 4 times a week. I mix up the days from week to week. I use an iso-mat to take the some of the shock off my ankles. I like to jump rope on the mat with just socks, shoes tend to slow me down. I use the Everlast leather jump ropes 8ft. with the slip rings loaded with the little ballbarings. This type of rope seems to be faster than cloth rope or plastic licorice. The drawback is the fragile wooden handles which crack and break away in chunks, eventually the slip ring can pop out. I buy a new one every 2-3 months.

  89. Sophie Says:

    Hi! I’m 23 years old, 4’9″, 117lbs. Which jump rope routine should I do to lose 12 lbs or more in 30 days? starting from today. i’ve read all those comments above but i would like to know which routine would be suitable for my needs. thanks for your concern! ASAP.

  90. Jack Says:

    You see, when jump roping for an hour you can burn from 975-1000 calories, and your calorie diet should be 2000 calories. So jump roping takes half of your calories. Oh and make sure the jump rope is your size by stepping on the rope and pulling up the handles to see where they they reach you. If it reaches your pits, it’s to long, it should reach up to your chest.

  91. Sophie Says:

    oh thanks jack, very useful tips, i’ll make sure i’ll do as told. 15 minutes, four times a day. that will make 1 hour. any other? anyone?

  92. Shelley Says:

    I used jumping rope to lose 30 pounds. It took me a few months, but I did 20 minutes a day, combined with healthy eating. I am 5-7, and was 175. Now I am 148, hoping to lose another 10-15. For those who think its not a good fat burner, I can testify that it does.

  93. Julia Says:

    I jump rope six days a week, for 40 minutes a day. My jumps average 75 jmp, although I make myself crank out 90 during the last minute. Combined with this routine, I also run up and down on an aerobic step (6″ high, 120 steps per minute) for 20 minutes straight, and then cycle for 10 minutes at a pace of 23.5 mph. I’m a Cross Country runner, preparing to enter the collegiate level. I can’t run yet due to medical reasons, but am allowed to exercise. Will this routine have me in good shape for running do you think? When I was running, I was pretty decent, being on the Varsity team. My fastest 5k was a 20:30, and my best mile was a 5:45, although due to more medical complications, I’ve never been able to complete an entire season. Thus, these times are not evident of my full potential. Things are better now medically, so I hope that this season will be good for me, and that this routine will have me in great shape!

  94. Michael Says:

    Hey guys, first time poster. I use to work out regularly but have stopped due to lack of time. Before I knew it, I packed on over 60 lbs. I am 6’2 250 lbs. My friend who is a avid work out warrior kept telling me to jump rope for 20-30 minutes a day, I never listened to him because I felt that jump roping was for kids. That was until I found this page. After reading your guys posts, I thought I would give it a shot. All I have to say right now is wow. It took me a couple of minutes to get use to it lol. But I got the hang of it again. I can already tell I over did it. Guess I should have started easy and not jump rope for 30 minutes.

    On a side note, I am jump roping in a sauna suit. I know it makes me sweat a lot more, (and i know the weight will come right back after i drink water) but I am wondering if the heat caused by the sauna suit will help increase my metabolism?

  95. Mathias Says:

    Hey, I’m a 23 male, 5’10”, 129lbs. I’m aiming to increase my exercises with improved performance and less time required. I thought jump roping would be a better way to go over riding a stationary cycle for 99 minutes straight. No matter how hard I pedal the results still read the same. So I was wondering does jump roping have the better advantage?

  96. Gokcen Says:

    Exercises go well with good nutrition, unless you eat well you will never reach your goals (at least as a healthy person). I’ve read Lloyds message and that’s truely insane, it’s unhealhty; not a doctor or a dietitian can recommend this. Our energy source ise basically carbs and fats. Carbs are stored in muscles (it’s not actually but let’s assume this) fats are stored in, you know, hips, belly, legs etc. Fat is cold while carb is warm. Carb takes shorter to power up your body while fat takes a lot. You know what happens when resting; you muscles ran out of energy and your body tries to burn up fat to power up the engine again.

    So what keeps us running is the carbs not the fat. If you eat little and run out of carbs you’ll start burning your muscles because fat burning is not fast enough to power your body. And if you burn your muscles you’ll end up having smaller muscles you’ll have less power to do something, you’ll always be tired and since it’s the muscle burning calories you’ll be burning less calories. Weight-lifting itself doesn’t make you burn calories (a little, since it’s still an activity) but it will make you have bigger muscles and more muscles will let you burn more calories during your everyday life. It’s important. Women especially should consider doing lifting with small amounts. For a healthy weight losing pattern, you need to eat around 1 hr before your exercise, never work out with an empty stomach unless you know what you are doing (in some cases this is recommended but you really need to know). Because, as I told, empty stomach means your body doesn’t have energy. And fat-to-energy conversion speed will not be enough and you’ll burn your muscles. Our body is intelligent, if it has a little energy left and if there is a physical activity, it will try to preserve it and try to burn less. With an empty stomach you’ll even burn less. That’s an other reason.

    It changes from people to people, your trainer or doctor can calculate this for you, but when you start an excersise it takes some time for our body to accept it. Let’s say you start jogging, for the first n minutes your body will not burn fat instead it will eat from the carbs. Because it will think its a temporary effort and will continue in its normal operation. But after sometime, it will see that this activity is going on, so it will change the powering mechanism and will start burning fat. It will try to set a flow of fat-energy to your muscles. At first days, it will not be able to, so you’ll be tired and you won’t be able to run much. By time, your body will learn and your performance will last longer. It’s important to do it for longer. What is best about systematic exercises is it will speed up your metabolism. So you will start burning more when walking in the office, climbing the stairs even just standing. Hope this helps someone.

  97. Leah Says:

    Okay hey, help needed please! I’m 15 years old and 5’9. I weight a total of 272 , yeah i know that’s a lot for my age and my height. I want to lose weight to get more in shape for basketball and modeling because at my height people tell me i can be a great model and basketball player if i lose weight, I’m already a good basketball player but i still have the weight on me. So i think i’ll eat light meals, cereal or egg in the morning, fruits as snack, salad as lunch and dinner have whatever and of course a lot of water. I think i’ll jump rope for about a hour with of course breaks in between and walk 10 minutes down from my house and run back up. For my weight, i can handle it because i don’t look or feel my weight at all, i probably look about 230-240 pounds which is still a lot. Anybody has any advice for me? It would be greatly appreciated. PS- i would like to be 150 pounds by the ending of 2011 or sooner.

  98. loura Says:

    hi. i am 149 pounds. i would like to loose 10 pounds in 3 weeks. any suggetions? oh yeah, i’m 5’2”. another question: isn’t doing jumping jacks the same thing as jump roping? i mean do u burn the same amount of calories?

  99. ash Says:

    Hi loura, u must start rope jumping for a straight 5 mins first, then u take a minute gap and walk for that time or do something u like. Repeat this for about 15 minutes first and then keep increasing it, keep a check on what u eat. I hope u lose about 8-10 lbs in 3 weeks. Rope jumping burns about 10-20 calories per min (depending upon your jumping intensity). 8 calories for 1 min jump jack. all the best.

  100. Toffy Says:

    Jumping rope is the best exercise in this busy world. So stop wasting money on gyms and start jumping rope.
    While jumping, the muscles beneath your knee are used. With time (2-3 weeks), u will see that you have developed a good strong muscles in that section. (The way football players have) Other good exercises are :

    Squats: Uses your thigh’s muscle. In about a month u will notice that your jeans has become loose in the thighs area. Other good form is the Indian ‘Baithak’. Uses a lot of energy, and burns up a lot of fat. Bending Waist: Take a 1-litre bottle and fill it up with water. Now raise your hands up with the bottle held firmly in between your hands. Now keeping your body straight, bend on one side (left, right), alternately. Do it 30 times. This decreases the fat accumulated on the waist. Crunches: Though a difficult one. But it is good to develop a habit of it. Push-Ups: Just do it 10-20 times in the beginning. A good exercise to burn the fat accumulated on the chest.

    This was my routine of exercises: 100 jumps, 30 squats, 30 waist, 30 crunches, 10 push-ups. Then again repeating it. Do it for about 3-4 times in an hour everyday. Okay, I try to do it everyday. But, sometimes not possible due to lack of time. Have a happy and lively life. Jumping rope rocks.

  101. Dave Says:

    I’ve been jumping rope for 27 years. I usually jump one minute between sets of kettlbells and weight workouts. I have jumped for up to 1 hr. at a time at 140 jumps per minute. I’m telling you right here, right now, YOU CAN’T OUT JUMP ROPE THE FOOD YOU SHOVE IN YOUR MOUTH !!!!! Believe me, I know, you must eat less, eat clean, and then jumping will assist. Same goes for any workout, (Unless your Micheal Phelps). Less calories in, more calorie burn out, = wieght loss.

  102. AAA Says:

    I don’t like running too much, but i know it keeps you freaking healthy. so i do it anyway. I don’t want to be old by the time i reach 30. I am 15. 5’4. 145. I have been eating less, keep the sweets and breads away for the past three days. I just now got into my mood where i am able to start losing weight. Or the mood where i really really want to. I would love to be 120 lbs. I don’t look fat. And i really can’t believe i’m 145. Its weird.

    My stomach is already thinner. It gets rather thin in a few days. Last summer i did a diet for about 3 weeks, and i didn’t lose pounds. i lose inches. but i think i had gained it all back or something. I think i did the diet wrong. Now i’m drinking protein shakes (homemade) with this good whey protein i ordered from this really good vitamin store all the way in California. I use water instead of milk. And anyway, i’ve been drinking a lot of those. A lot of protein. Last night i had tuna salad. No bread.

    Anyway, i usually wake up around 9:30. Get my running clothes on. Drink a big glass of super ice cold water (starts your metabolism because it has to warm up the cold water). Then i drink a tbsp of L-Carnitine which burns fatty acids and stuff. Then i walk around then i go running for about 25 minutes. I sprint at least two times on my way home. The harder you are breathing, the better. I come home, drink more ice cold water. Have a protein shake. and then my day goes to jump roping. I usually do 30 minutes up to 45 minutes. Every few minutes i jump rope as fast as i can for as long as i can. I do this every day. HAVE been for about 3 weeks now. Not last week though because i was gone and i didn’t bring my tennis shoes. Anyway, if i keep this up for another couple months, could i start lowering my weight to, let’s say, 120?

  103. Maya Says:

    Thanks Dave, that really helped. 😀

  104. Mia Says:

    My grandma told me she jumped roped 2 weeks and saw improvement in her thighs tightening up. I’m going to try this and see how it works out. Thanks for all the inspiration everyone.

  105. Emma Says:

    I’m 5’7 and I weigh about 145 lbs, which many people would consider healthy, but I’d like to become more confident with my body. I started jumping rope about a week ago and I’ve already dropped a few pounds and seen a slight improvement, but I’m hoping to get down to 125 within 2-3 months. Anyone have any good jump rope exercises?

  106. Allison Says:

    I have pre-season for softball and we do a lot of running. I usually run about 2-3 miles a day in the off season, but it is so boring to me now. If I start jump roping everyday will I be in the same cardio shape for running when my season starts? It starts in February.

  107. Sarah Says:

    is there a way to figure out how many calories I am burning by number of total jumps. If I go by time I dont go as far. My total workout is 40 minutes and I jump 1100 jumps but I break in between to do strength training and other cardio (400 jumps, than 50 weighted squats, 200 jumps, 50 more weighted squats, 200 jumps, 30 lunges with bicep curls with 5 pd weights on each side than 30 dumb bell rows, than 100 jumps, than 1 mile on the bike, than 200 more jumps, then 5 minutes working out with a 10 pd weight upper body exercises, than 3 minutes of abs) does anyone know many calories I am buring. Oh and a small comment on people saying 98 pds is to thin. I hate how people focus on what they THINK is a healthy weight. My smallest was 140 and I am 5’3 now that is 15 pds overweight supposedly, btu I was a size 4, my ribs stuck out badly and I was very sick (and yes I have actually struggled with an eating disorder) right now I am 155 and a size eight and a lot healthier despite that being supposedly overweight. what is the right weight for one person is not for another even if they are the same age and height!

  108. Scooby Says:

    Hi, Im 15 years old and i want to loose 30 lbs in 3 months just by jump roping and eating healthy. Will this actually work? I plan on jump roping a lot and sweating a lot.

  109. Drishika Says:

    it has been 2 days since ive started jumping. 20 sets of 50 jumps, altogether that’s 1000 jumps a day. do i have to do more or is it enough? i can try 2000 a day but only if its really needed. im not following any diet or anything else, just that i eat half of what i used to eat and i drink 2 glasses of hot lemon juice with honey a day. Is it possible to lose 10 pounds for me in a month? Please let me know.

  110. D-J Says:

    People, if you want to lose weight change your eating habits. To say you want to lose 10-25 lbs in a month jumping rope is crazy. If it has more than 3 ingredients don’t eat it.

  111. REALLY Says:

    Just eat less guys! Is it that hard? I know someone who has lost 20 lbs by changing the amount she ate. more vegetables and just do 4 to 6 miles of running. yes, you can stop. duh. but when you run, you can only stop for no more than 3 minutes or then your heart rate is down. but come on guys, EAT LESS! tell your body, too bad, your losing weight and u cant stop me. BE TOUGH WITH UR BODY, you can tell it what to do.

  112. leela Says:

    hi guys i can say that jumping rope helped me lose 20 pounds i don’t do per minute though i usually do 200 straight and wen i finish my heart is beating sooo hard i can hear it. can anyone tell me how much weight i can lose by doing that, and i do it really fast.

  113. ohhhh Says:

    Hey guys, i’m5′ 6″. This jump roping really works. I started jumping rope, and i do about 2000 jumps every day. I also play soccer tuesdays and thursdays for hours, other than that i don’t really exersise a lot and I am still seeing results very quickly. I’m down to 100 pounds, and i’m not really skinny or unhealthy. I think jump roping is funner and gives you real results much quicker than running for long periods of time or jogging. Sprinting can also help you burn fat quickly. Hope this helps.

  114. Rohit Says:

    I am 43 years old and been jumping rope since I was 18, people think I am in my early 30s. I just do 1000 jumps 5 days a week that takes 30 minutes with breaks.

  115. LBell Says:

    Hi, everyone. I started a diet and workout routine at the beginning of this year and have lost 20lbs so far. I am female, 5’1″ and started out at 140lbs-the biggest I have ever been in my life. I got that way because I had started college and stopped working out. Eating in dining halls will surely cause you to gain if you’re not careful. Anyway, I have been doing the same workout routine this whole time, with a month break over the summer (I didn’t gain weight during it) I would go on the arc trainer for 45-60 minutes 6 days a week, and then do core work, squats, and 5 lb weights work for my arms 3 days a week. I also kept a pretty healthy, balanced diet.

    I am currently 10 lbs away from my goal weight of 108lbs, and for the past month of consistent workouts I have only lost 2 lbs. I’ve found it very difficult to keep my progress going, so I started doing Piloxing everyday. It mixes boxing with pilates and it’s a great workout, but I also think I would like to replace my arc trainer cardio workout with a 30 minute, HIIT jumprope workout. Do you all think it will be the change my body needs in order to get through these last 10lbs? Advice please! and congratulations to all of you who have started a workout plan-it’s the most rewarding thing people can do for themselves!

  116. Shep Says:

    Hi All,
    I have been jumping rope now for 3 years and I also box. I have so say that Jumping rope is one of the best forms of overall exercise that I would recommend to anyone. Yes, it can take some time to get it down to a good routine but once you do, you will be hooked! For anyone who is looking to start bringing jumping rope, I might recommend first trying to do it for 1 minute and then work up to 3 minute, then go from there and just have fun!

  117. Mi Says:

    Hi everyone, I want to jump rope not because I want to lose weight, but to lose baby fats on my face (don’t laugh). I am 105 lbs and 5’3 tall. I eat a lot of food and I still stay 105 lbs. The only problem is all the baby fat in my face won’t go away, so I decided to try to jump rope and see how it goes.

  118. jeremy Says:

    i do MMA and jumping rope is a great way to keep your speed and strength up it also tones your body pretty well with the exception of strength training

  119. Khadine Says:

    Hey everyone. I’m currently 187 lbs and 5’5″. I want to be between 150 and 160 i think that would be good for me cuz I like being curvy. I’m trying that special k thing started two days ago. I’ve been doing 20 minutes treadmill and sit-ups on the ab lounge. Since reading this though I’m gonna switch the treadmill for skipping. I only have half an hour to work out in the mornings before work. Whats the best routine for that amount of time? I want to be at at least 165lbs by ma birthday in January. Can Half an hour a day five days a week get me there? Let me know. Thanks.

  120. amqib Says:

    Hello everyone! I am 32 yrs old female and a mother of a 2 yr old. Since my baby’s birth i couldn’t stop my weight gain. 4 yrs back i was 127 lbs and now i weigh 174 lbs. I am 5’4 feet tall. Today was my 1st day i started jump rope or skipping. And i was so bad at it that i wanted to cry. I couldn’t jump the usual way that is one jump per skip, in fact i was taking 2 jumps. I really wanna do something and so desperate. This weight has made me so depress and unhappy. I have started taking less quantity of food to begin with my diet and have increased my water intake. Drink tea with no sugar in it. Need help. Cheers.

  121. Jack The Lad Says:

    Amqib, I’m no physical trainer in any which way or form, but yesterday I got pissed on account of my cardio work outs not showing the results I wanted. I bought a jump rope (Reebok; ball bearings and the like) and stood outside of my house for 45 minutes and just hopped and hopped. I never jumped rope before (or knew how). I’m 6’0 male, 210 lbs. (I used to be 165 in highschool four years ago). I understand our situation is different physically and metabolically, but I assure you that you can do this. I first watched a ton of videos on the internet, watching how I “should” do it, then I went outside and my neighbors tried to show me how (failure, but funny). I just sat outside with a cup of water and kept trying and trying. Eventually, I was able to get over it, then over it twice. I committed to “twenty consecutive skips”. Took me 45 minutes, but I was able to figure it out, sweaty like a grease trap.

    I might not be doing it right (compared to the arguments above), but how I see it is, I didn’t break for very long (more than 15 seconds pacing), and I must of failed like 100+ times. I had to have jumped that rope over 500 times to be able to get the hang of it or more. The point being is I did alot trying for the goal. Tonight I tried for forty and succeeded (45 minutes of failures, but much better in succession). I’m really liking jump rope as I’m addicted to learning new skills. I believe in you, now buck up and believe in yourself.

  122. amqib Says:

    @jack the lad: thank you so much fer believing in me. I did consecutive 20 jumps and did 650 jumps with breaks in it but have managed in 12 min. I think you are right about making things happen when one wants. I am sure you can do it too and so can i. We just need to be consistent and need to believe in ourselves. Are you also dieting? I mean what is your food intake? They say jumping rope is more effective if one combines it with controlled food intake? Lets hope fer the best fer both of us and keep in touch. Thanks again.

  123. David Says:

    I was recently diagnosed with osteoporosis (I’m sixty) and read an article in a health mag. that jumping rope is excellent for reversing osteoporosis. I always thought that lifting light to moderate weights was beneficial, but turns out it’s impact exercises that do the most good – at least for the leg and foot bones. Bought a rope today and will give it a try; preliminary tryouts had me hitting myself in the back of the head mostly. I’ll get it though; I’m not overweight and am fit and athletic.

  124. james Says:

    i want to get a six pack i do 50 sit ups a day and i want to start skipping to burn body fat

  125. sys$hobbit Says:

    I am a 6’0″ 47 year old male coming out of a period of inactivity. I started the year at 295, and it looks like I’m on course to finish the year in the 220s. Then on to 90 next year. I have found jump rope is really excellent when you’re overweight and out of shape. Jump rope has an extra shock absorber effect that comes from ending on the balls of your feet rather than your heels (as in running). The impact was just too great for me to get in shape by running, so bicycling, swimming and jump rope really helped. At this point I have returned to my primary sport of Thai Boxing and jump rope about 20 minutes every practice, or about 4 times a week and can hang with younger athletes that are in great shape. So…jump rope is good, right? Yes, in that respect I echo the statements here. But on the way back to the living I have also overdone it a bit with plyometric exercises and want to caution people, as one trainer did above, about too much jump rope. Jump rope creates little micro-tears in your gastrocnemeus muscle, which absorbs most of the impact. You do not want to do too much, especially if you’re older and overweight or doing a lot of other plyo-based exercises. It is better to switch it up with another exercise, e.g., circuit training. If, like me, you overdo the jump rope or overdo plyometric exercises in general then you risk weakening your gastroc muscle and can become vulnerable to injury. Watch out, I tore the medial head of my gastrocnemeus muscle. It was painful, and it took me out of everything but swimming for two months. Then I was able to add back bicycling and after four months jump rope. I still jump rope, but I now have a healthy respect for the risk factors involved in over doing it. So, I jump and switch it up with exercises like pushups, burpees, pullups, medicine ball throws, shadow boxing, heavy bag work, russian twists, kettlebell swings, or clean & jerks (see olympic lifting).

  126. Nicole Says:

    Hey guys. I love jumping rope! It really gives me a boost. I suggest looking for songs with those tempos you can jump to, in your favorite genre. Mine’s rock, so I look for rock songs with tempos comfortable for jumping. It really does add more fun! I’ve even made a playlist.

  127. Sandy Says:

    hi, i’ve read here few comments which say jumping rope builds muscles. i’m 5’2 and every weight gain is clearly seen on me, if it’s fat or muscle. i really don’t need any of it, but i’m having trouble dropping the last 3-4 lbs just from walking. so can anyone tell me if 30 min. jumping routine will add any muscle tissue to my legs? and good job everyone, it sounds you’re doing some serious workouts. keep it up!

  128. Annie Says:

    hey guys, well i’m gona start exercising to lose about 20-30 pounds and i want lose that much of weight in 6-7 months. i need to know whether i should be running or jump rope to lose fast. which works the best, as i read it’s jump rope. Would it be better if i mix it up? also tell me how long i should exercise? Do you think I’ll be able to reach my goal in 7 months? I really need to do it cuz i want to look good at my wedding.

  129. Sam Says:

    Hey guys, I’m a 14 year old female and I’m 5’3 and weigh about 150. I’m vegetarian so i mostly eat right. i want to get down to about 120 by May. Do you think power walking and jumping rope every day for approx 45 min each will help? Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

  130. miranda Says:

    @ Sam. yes i think if you commit yourself then you will definitely be able to lose 30 lbs by May. I am also at 150 but i am a few inches taller. I am going to try jump roping as well a few times a week for 30 min to get down to 120. The key is to do it in intervals no more than 5 min with rests in between. I watch a lot of TV so I plan on jumping rope during the commercial breaks which are about 3-4 minutes. I will do this until it add up to 30 minutes. Your diet will definitely speed up your weight loss as long as you don’t eat a ton of carbs. If you do, eat oatmeal, brown rice or whole wheat bread. for breakfast i swear by eggs or oatmeal (or both) with fruit and a little brown sugar in the oatmeal. lunch, either a salad or sandwich with whole wheat bread with protein, like chicken or tuna, plus fruit and veggies. at dinner, keep the starches to an absolute minimum, if at all. when you are craving something sweet, don’t be afraid to indulge: most candy bars are around 250 cal. just make sure you don’t indulge too often and make sure it fits in with your daily calorie intake. Hope this helps!

  131. agentz Says:

    All of my friends say that I’m really skinny and that I don’t need to lose weight. I am now 94 pounds and would like to drop down to 80. Well, the fact that I gained 10 pounds since the summer is probably not cool. If this helps, I would be so happy. And Miranda, I don’t think jump roping while you are watching tv really helps. I mean sure, I jump on a trampoline and stuff while I’m watching tv, but watching tv just gives you the urge to snack. It’s not just the food and restaurant commercials that make you hungry, but your body needs to stay active in order to burn weight. Sitting down for the whole episode is definitely not active. I’m not saying that you’re wrong though.

  132. Anne Says:

    I jump rope for 10 minutes (jumps for 3 minutes then rest for 1 minute and continue doing this until I complete 10 minutes), then circuit training. And then I rest my muscles for 2 days doing circuit training without jump rope. I lost 8 lbs in 3 days.

  133. Scofield Says:

    I’ve begun a simple diet a few months ago and started to lift weights in the gym again (had to stop to do it cause I had a severe pain in my back, so I decided to rest and leave it for a while before that). Now I was going to do some sprint, it did a great job burning calories some time ago, mixing it with classic jogging it’s pretty good, but found out about jumping rope, and I’m addicted. At first it was like a torture in the deepest and darkest hell. But with a few days of practice I could jump for 5 minutes! possibly the best aerobic exercise along with sprinting and swimming. But, you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.

  134. Johny boy Says:

    A lot of you readers on here are trying to take this the wrong way. this information is not meant to replace your workout, but rather supplement into your existing workout. Jumping rope is a good way to warm up for a jog or other cardio-based workout. Speed jumping for a ten minute warmup will burn roughly 120-180 calories depending on your percentage of body fat and age. Someone in moderate to good shape will not burn as much as someone who has been procrastinating in the fitness department. I’m about 185 lbs. 5’10” tall and 11% body fat and 20 years old. I’m not going to burn nearly as many calories as someone my same height and weight who is 25% body fat. Jumping rope is also a great way to break the monotony of your regular warmup before lifting weights. This is essential to getting the best possible workout from lifting because your heart rate will be elevated and make your workout far more efficient.

  135. Johny boy Says:

    And Anne, any workout you do for 3 days will not result in an 8 lbs. loss. That’s absolutely ridiculous. You have to burn 3500 more calories than you consume to lose a pound, which means if you didn’t eat anything for 3 days, you would have to burn 28,700 calories in those 3 days to lose the 8 lbs. more than likely if you notice a weight loss that impressive you have simply lost water weight and maybe a pound or 2 loss in fat.

  136. caitlin Says:

    Hey guys! I have been jumping rope combined with Tracy Anderson mat work dvds, and seeing great results. The problem is, I have shin splints now. Jump roping is awful for the shins! Ive been resting them, and stretching them, and jumping on a rebounder. I want to go back to jumping rope. I just did about 8 mins of jumping rope again for the first time in a week, and i landed on my whole foot the whole time so as not to stress my shins. This tensed my whole calf a lot but didn’t aggravate my shins! Any advice on if it’s ok to jump with the whole foot on the ground? P.S. It was 1000 times harder than jumping on the toes! I could have gone 40 mins on my toes without shin splints, and with the whole foot i could only go 8! A bit dissapointed in myself but I am going to try to add 2 mins per day and hope my shins don’t get irritated again!

  137. Almyrah Says:

    Hi I’m about 5’2.5″ and I think I weigh around 140-145 lbs. Anyway, I just started a jump rope routine 20 mins in the morning, 15 at night (I’m kind of young, so I don’t want to work out too intensely) and also 30 min of yoga at the end of the day. Fortunately, I don’t look as heavy as I am. My goal isn’t just to lose some body fat, it’s to become healthier. I guess I could call myself fit-ish now. I’m not too great at long-distance running, but I can sprint and most other moderate exercises won’t tire me out. My goal is to be 120 so that I’m not in the overweight category of my age group. Any suggestions to help?

  138. Hannah Says:

    I would really like to lose at least 10 pounds before I go to visit my aunt during spring break, which is in 3 weeks. Along with eating better, if I jump rope about 40 minutes a day, is this possible?

  139. MJ Says:

    I’m a professtional kickboxing coach and many of our guys can and do jump rope for about 60 minutes @ varied interval speeds and run speeds, criss crosses, etc. We used a digital jump rope and one of our 190 lbs. fighters burned off 850 calories in that hour again varied tempo and speed straight without stopping for 60 minutes. It’s one of the simplest exercises that just about anyone can do and its benefits are astronomical. As with anything, if you’re new, don’t get discouraged. Start at one minute and build from there. If things get easy, increase the skip speed. When you become more advanced, you can run rope, alternate, criss cross, double jump, triple jump if you’re really quick per skip and burn even more calories. And at the end of the day, it’s a great exercise for your heart.

  140. Mia Says:

    Hey guys, I’m about 5’4″ and weigh about 120-ish pounds and I’ve been doing sit ups to build some muscle but now I need to lose the fat. I was wondering how much I should jump rope to lose about a 2-3 inches before I go on vacation to California around the beginning of April. I know it’s going to be hard to nearly impossible but with jump roping it seems pretty possible. I drink water and that’s pretty much all I drink beside a little V8 Fusion and milk and green tea and I try to not take in more calories than 1500. Anyway back to my initial question, how much should I jump rope to lose about 2-3 inches from my waist (yes I know, no exercise targets an area so no need to mention. Sorry but I’ve seen that answer EVERYWHERE). But THANK YOU ALL so much for reading and special thanks to those who’ll answer.

  141. Emmy Says:

    Hey I want to gain speed for soccer because I’m a decent player but the defenders go faster than me. What jump rope workout would be best for me to gain speed?

  142. Brian Says:

    First I want to say that all this makes me very happy to see! I competitively jump rope so I love all this interest in jump rope. Jumping rope is the best exercise you can find! For Emmy: something that I have noticed over the years jumping rope, is that jump rope makes you a faster runner, but running doesn’t make you a faster jumper. so you’re on the right track. i would recommend 3-5 sets of 30sec with a 30sec break in between. then 3-5 sets of 60sec with a 60sec break in between. then 2 sets of 3min with a 2-3 min break in between. for everything, go as fast as you can. you can pace yourself just slightly on the 3min, but not too much. i would also recommend a jogging step on these sets. if you find that you can, you can also try double unders (when the rope passes under your feet twice for each jump) for 30sec or 60sec.

  143. HeeHee Says:

    Hi guys, can someone help me with my exercise routine? I’m 22 years old female, with 161 lbs, 5′ 2″. yes, i know i need to lose like 20-30 lbs to be in the healthy range. I’ve started jump rope for 2 days now, where in each session I jump rope for 1000 times. I do take a break for 30 secs in every 100 jump rope. I do watch my calories, but I dislike plain water. So usually I drink diluted juice (half glass of juice and half glass of plain water) or tea. So what should I do next? Should I do more than just jump rope? or should I just jump rope for a week or so and add more type of exercise later? hope someone could help! thanks!

  144. Rachael Says:

    I’m a girl and I am about 5 feet tall. I weigh about 120 pounds and I hate it. Everyone in my family, and all of my friends, weigh less than me and I’m sick of it. Plus I just feel fat. I wanna lose weight so I try to only eat 2228 calories a day and burn 4228 calories per day. I jumprope for 2 hours (not during the whole 2 hours) and stair step for 1 hour. I plan on doing push-ups and sit-ups for an hour a day too. I just wanna lose 30-35 pounds. Maybe even 40, by the end of June. Do you think I could accomplish this by then with my methods? If not, can you help me find another way. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!!

  145. Akshay Says:

    Jump Rope does help a lot, I’ve already lost around 40 lbs, But I feel like losing more. I am 5’8″ and I weigh 128 lbs. I do rope skipping for around 1 and a half hour every day coupled with weight training. My rope skipping speed is between 180-240 skips per min. I take a break after every 500 rope skips. Can anyone give me a specific calorie burn rate that I’m going through? @Rachael: You might just end up over exercising. But if you really wanna accomplish it by June, along with workout, you will have to almost completely cut-off oil and sweets from your diet. Good Luck!

  146. Reagan Says:

    Rachael – I’m the same height as you and I was approx the same weight, 115. I gained it out of nowhere and I’ve already lost it so I thought I’d try to help! I used to weigh 90 pounds, it sounds super low but it’s the perfect weight for my bone structure and height, yours might be slightly different.

    You said you wanted help to lose weight? I think you need to cut back on the calories AND what you’re working off, burning 4k calories a day is a lot to work off! I also think over 2k calories in food a day is A LOT of food to be eating, unless it’s junk – then it’d be barely anything. Have you tried food swaps? Laughing cow cheese, turkey pepperoni, roasted chick peas (don’t knock it before you try it!) instead of chips? Buttered popcorn rice cakes are amazing, esp with pam butter spray & some swiss laughing cow / a tomato slice – also around 70 calories for the whole thing, and it fills you up.

    Anyways, along with jumping rope & walking 15 minutes every night, I lost all the weight and I’m back down to 92 now. I ate around 900-1,200 calories a day (it’s different for everyone, there’s no “right” amount – listen to your body, stop eating before you’re stuffed, drink a lot of water etc) and did jump rope for 30 minutes a day/walked for 15 a night. The weight came off in 3 months. Good luck!

  147. girl Says:

    I am just starting jumprope (skipping) and I weigh 120 pound and 5 ounces (a size 12). I used to be extremely skinny so i hope to lose at least 10 pounds (a size 8/10). I hope this I’ll take me less than a year. Today i could barley do 6 minuets of skipping, I’ll try to do more tomorrow.

  148. Arwa Says:

    I am lean on the upper side of my body but my hips and thighs are the problem area. I wanted to know whether rope jumping will help me reduce fat near my thighs and hips. I always keep a check on my food and calorie intake. I even cycle everyday for at least 60 minutes but it doesn’t seem to shed those extra fat from my thighs. Can anyone please help me as to how many minutes i should jump the rope everyday for effective results??

  149. Elora Says:

    I am 21 yrs, 5’7″ and 150lbs. My weight is distributed evenly (well my bust has more than it needs but why complain), and I like the shape of my body so its always been hard for me to stick to exercise, although what I want is to slim down some so I can really be proud of my figure. I would like it to happen by summer (couple months away) so I’m bikini ready. I’d like to be 130-135 lbs by then and I just bought a weighted jump rope I’m really excited to use. Given the right diet circumstance, is it possible for me to lose that much weight by summer? How much should I jump rope to even get close? Comments welcomed thank you!

  150. Abhinav Says:

    I am 17 yrs of age, 5’9″ and 185 lbs. I am a LOT over the required level as my body fat is over 30%. I need to desperately reduce body fat and tone myself. I started dieting and admittedly lost 20 pounds in a 7 weeks but i need to reduce more. I bought a skipping rope, with all the ball bearings and stuff and can go upto 150 revolutions at a decent pace. Will that be enough to lose 40 pounds combined with the same diet in 3 months time?

  151. pacroid Says:

    I lost 15 kilos in 1 month. I made 500 high intensity jumps per day followed by a sweet potato diet and lots of H2O. It really works.

  152. Curveball Says:

    For the last few comments (Abhinav, Elora, and Arwa.. plus anyone else), that should work. I know most will say that whatever I personally accomplished can’t speak for everyone else, since we’re different, but I’ll give you an example. I’m 6′-ish, and normally weigh 167-170. Last year, I got really inactive, and gained some weight. Around December, I was at 195, almost 200. Like everyone else, I wanted to look better before summer/spring. Around February, I started to diet, nothing crazy, just stopped eating fast-food, and stopped drinking soda. I drank a ton of water, tea, and juice. I would treat myself every now and again, if you go to hard, you’ll crash. Just ease into it. Later in the month, and into March, I started running every other day and eventually, went out and bought a jump rope. I would jump rope almost everyday between 15-30 minutes. Again, I would take some days off, but I kept it up for the most part. Sometimes, I would throw some push-ups and pull ups into the mix. But it was mainly jumping rope. By June, July, I dropped back down to 170. So yes, stick to a plan, and BE PATIENT. It works.

  153. Soccerplayer Says:

    I’m so glad I’ve found this site! I just started to jump rope a couple days ago, I would do 300 than quit cause I was so tired, and I thought I was doing really well! I play competitive soccer and I can easily play the entire game without really getting tired. But MAN! Jumping rope is difficult! I am 5’2″ and 115 lbs. Nobody believes me when I say I’m 115! But my darn scale sucks! So, I want to lose 15 pounds by jump roping. My plan is to jump for 30 seconds, than rest 15 seconds, jump 15 seconds, rest 15, repeat for 30 minutes. And I’m really trying to eat healthier too! How long do you think it will take to lose 15 pounds? I’m really hoping 1 month?

  154. charlie Says:

    2 years ago I had reached 260 lbs, I am 5’8, I started walking, and before long I was hitting 5 miles an hour with some semi steep hills. I would have 2 packs of instant oatmeal for breakfast with 2 cups of coffee, an apple for a first break a turkey sandwich on whole wheat for lunch, with mustard, tomato, and lettuce, a banana for last break, a fat free fudge pop when I got home from work, and low fat 500 calorie dinner, that was high in protein. Some times a 100 calorie snack before bed if I was still hungry. From May 22, to, thru mid Sept. I had dropped to 195-198 lbs. I felt great. I maintained my weight by eating healthy and a strenuous Job. I took up hiking as a hobby, now a lifestyle. Weight fell to 193-195 and stayed there. Started walking again to reach my goal of 175 lbs. Kinda stalled at about 192 lbs. I started a routine of jumping rope, weight lifting, and running up and walking down a flight of stairs ten times. In 3 weeks I am down to 184-186 lbs. When I walk I walk about 4 miles an hour. I think the varying workout with jumping rope has helped tremendously.

  155. Ben Says:

    I can jump rope at moderate speed for 20 minutes when I’ve got fuel in my body, but aren’t seeing much results (to lose that bit of belly fat) so am now doing it as fast as i can for a minute, resting for a minute and like that. I hope it works! But to new people don’t give up! It’ll burn your calves and thighs a lot after 3-4 minutes, but give it a week or two and it’ll be so much easier.

  156. Kimberly Says:

    I started to read all the posts and decided to mention that yes it’s great to want to jump rope and lose weight but you also have to take in consideration your eating habits. Exercising is great and helps tone your muscles and even build muscle. But if you are eating wrong than you are chasing your tail. You also have to think about the muscle building part, if you do a lot of exercise you will build muscle which in turns weighs more than fat. So if you find your weight going up take into consideration the big picture. Good luck to you all

  157. Andrea Says:

    I am 5’8″, 140 lbs and a girl. I have been jumping rope for approximately 3 weeks each day and maybe I have skipped 2 days. I promise that’s all. I do 3000 jumps in the matter of 45 min. My goal is to lose 20 lbs by September and take a 2 week break because I am going on vacation, but sadly I still haven’t seen any results. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, but I want to know why it’s not working for me. I do agree that it helps the endurance in our heart therefore giving us the energy and definitely targeting the muscles. It also burns fat, but it’s not working for me! Ultimately my question is how many more days until I know I have lost the weight and how can I tell?

  158. jsa Says:

    Andrea, your age, eating habits and metabolism are other indicating factors,I believe. I am not a doctor or nutritionist though. Have you lost ANY significant weight in your view ?

  159. Ashley Says:

    Oh my, everyone on here is sooo much smaller than me. I’m 21 years old and I weigh 195, and I’m only 5’2. I’m going on vacation in a month and I really want to lose and tone as much of my body as possible. I started a diet a friend told me about, all I can eat is a bowl of cereal for breakfast, fruits for snacks, and chicken breast for lunch and dinner. Along with that I plan on walking 1-2 miles daily, and jumping rope for at least 15 minutes. Do any of you think it’s possible to lose at least 20 lbs by the end of the month?

  160. Tiffany Says:

    Hey guys. I’m fifteen and I really want to lose 20 pounds in about three weeks. It sounds crazy but do you think its possible? I really want to feel good at my homecoming dance this year and not be the fat girl. So if you guys have any tips on anything that would help please tell me. I have recently started jump roping and its amazing what it can do for your leg muscles. Please help!

  161. conrad Says:

    Hi, yes I am 5 feet 7, 180 pounds. I am currently doing boxing, can say i am semi pro. Nothing in this world will make you lose weight, not even rope jumping. Let me tell you what does, proper diet! If you can handle a high protein low carb diet, rope jumping would help for weight loss! I lost 60 pounds following a high protein diet!

  162. Alice Says:

    Hey guys. I just started to do jumping rope. I do it in the park. Everyone thinks I’m crazy. XD! I heard that it can help you lose weight and I really need to lose at least 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Do you guys think that would work? I’m planning to do a least an hour each day. I’ll try not to take too many breaks.

  163. Diff. Alice Says:

    I’m nineteen, around five foot three and 135 pounds. I know this is considered healthy but I’ve always been uncomfortable with my weight. I used to try and lose weight the silly, dangerous, unhealthy way; starve. I used to do this up until I started blacking out and fitting. In a way I’m grateful I did have them as it really shook me up and made me realise what I was doing wasn’t healthy. Now, reading all of your comments has inspired me to start skipping! I need to get healthy not just worry about my weight. You guys have really opened my eyes, it will take determination and strength but I feel I can do it. I will change my diet and really try to make a change.

  164. Ronald Says:

    Hello there. Just to share with you. I’ve started jump rope since the start of the year. I was really really fat back then. Now, I’m really fit and I’ve gained muscle as well. People used to laugh and look down on me. Nowadays, I’m attracting people’s attention.Since the start of the year, I would alternate between upper and lower body workout combined with jump rope everyday except for weekends. My workout consist of only push ups, pull ups, abs exercises and running. By jumping rope, I’ve improved my speed and stamina too. Hope this will inspire everyone.

  165. Phil Says:

    Jumping rope is far harder than walking and builds great strength in your calfs. I jump rope for 20mins 3 days a week. Jump rope also has the advantage over walking or running as it is very hard to jump at a slow pace. Walking and running you can slow down if you are tired. The hardest thing with jumping rope is the boredom. It is a great exercise. Only the tough can keep it up for any length of time.

  166. fz Says:

    I am a married women of 37 years old, I am 75 kg. Can I go for skipping rope to lose weight. I hope there would not be any adverse medical effects. What do you think?

  167. hakyhiqs Says:

    I do lots of different activities so far the ones that really helped were swimming, kick boxing and jump roping. The jump rope was cheap, very effective, but hard. I can skip well i don’t go by minutes i lost 4 lbs in a week by doing 700 skips i tried to get to a thousand, but you know i was happy with that result and i am going to start using my rope again it really gives you alot of afterburn well it did me and my stomach muscles and especially my legs, but that means it is working.

  168. Teanpa Says:

    I weighed 220. My weight descended to 154 thanks to jump roping and eating chicken daily. All I ate was chicken (and an apple for a snack. I had been convinced that an apple a day could potentially cure acid reflux. Worked for me!) I can’t recall how many months it took to lose that 66 pounds. I have no idea. I’ve started jump roping again, because I’ve gained 20 pounds. I have to say that, although I’ve only been jumping for 8 days, I’ve noticed that my tighter pants fit comfortably. I suppose everyone is different. Remember, it also depends on what you eat. If you want to lose weight, try eating chicken.

  169. Deb S. Says:

    So glad I found this page. My sister is always trying to get her daughter to jump rope to increase her stamina and build her calf muscles so she’s a better runner/jumper playing basketball. About two years ago, to get her motivated, we’d go out back and jump with her. Lawd, me and my sis were at the time both over two hundred pounds. Me probably closer to 230 cause I’m shorter than her.

    Anyhoo, I could barely do fifty jumps before I felt like I was going to pass out. I had to do them in increments of 10, rest a whole lot and then start the next 10. Our goal (me and sis) 200 jumps. Seemed like it took FOREVER.

    Fast forward and a stopped my sister’s and my niece (now a junior and playing her third year of varsity ball) was jumping rope. I’ve been working out diligently for the past 18 months, have lost 62 pounds and decided to give it a try.

    My goal was 3 minutes straight. Three sets. LOL! Boy was I in for a rude awakening. I think I barely made a minute. However, that’s a far cry better than nearly two years ago when I could barely do 10 jumps without stopping.

    It’s a helluva cardio workout. I will definitely be adding it to supplement my workout routine. It’s waaay better than walking. I can get my heart rate up quickly when I’m jumping rope. Not like walking at all. I’ll keep walking but you better believe I’ll be literally jumping my butt off from now on. I’ve about 30 more pounds to lose to reach goal of 140 on a 5’4″ frame, and this is mos def the ticket there!

  170. Alexis Says:

    OMG! Wow I am sooo inspired now. I Have a jump rope and i usually jump for fun, but now I think I want to do it as a workout. I am a 22yr old female im 179. Kinda sucks because I just came from NYC a week ago and I had lost 2lbs just walking around and I gain that all back in a week. So im upset at myself but im planning on doing something about it. I guess for now Ill start by jumping rope 15mins everyday before school, hopefully that’ll help me with the stress and everything. Ill try and drink a gallon of water everyday and eat fruits, veggies, and lean meats. I guess low fat dairy products as well.. hopefully i can lose those two lbs I gained and maybe get to a healthy BMI.

  171. Clara N Says:

    I am 5 feet 5 1/2 inches height and 132 lbs in weight. Though my BMI is Ok I have around 34% fat in my body. I seriously want to get rid of all the excess fat and come down atleast 10 lbs i have been to gym reduced a lot and gained again. I am impressed with this article and started doing jump rope. I can do 50 jumps at a time. take rest for 1/2 or 1 minute and start again.. i am doing it right now for 600 jumps and want to increase that to 1000. Will this be sufficient for me to reduce the fat and how long that it take to lose . I have cut down a lot of carbs from by diet. Can anyone suggest me if I have to increase my jumps ?

  172. Jason t Says:

    I was 245lbs when I started jump roping. I am 5’8″ and that meant i was extremely overweight. I never liked walking/jogging so I started to jump rope instead. I did 1000 jumps every other day. I am now down to 190lbs from jump roping alone and it only took me about 4-5 months. Try looking on youtube for a jumping style called Double Under it will wear you out quicker and burn more calories. I highly suggest jump roping to people who just hate walking/jogging.

  173. C.R. Says:

    One thing about jumping rope is that you don’t exactly need a rope. You can simply pretend you have a jump rope in your hands and go through the same motion and still get the same affect. This is mainly for beginners so you guys don’t trip up on the rope. When I first started it was about every minute I would trip up or the rope would get caught on my shoe. Now it’s about every 5-7 minutes it gets caught.

  174. ellery Says:

    My name is Ellery. (duh). I am 13 ,5″4 ~ 5″7 around 118~126. I would really like to way 100. I know I am not “fat” but I would really like the have a flat stomach! I want to have a an amazing beach body by April! Can that happen? Can someone give me a diet and routine!?

  175. Rick Says:

    Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises I’ve ever done. I had a running injury and now walk and jump rope on alternate days. You can’t give a “blanket number” of calories burned in a minute from jumping because it depends on the person’s weight and number of skips, per minute, that they do. Suffice to say, it works if you’ll do it for at least 20 minutes. It’s probably best to work up to 2-3 minutes, 120 skips/minute, rest for no more than a minute, repeat. I find that music helps a lot, you start a song, skip through most of it, rest as it fades, repeat when the new song picks up–as long as it’s not the long version of “Layla.” For new folks or over 40 ones, pay attention to your feet and calves. A little soreness is okay but you can overdo it if your legs aren’t ready for it. Wear cushioned shoes, try to go on anything but cement, although I jump on cement. SECRET: STRETCH THOSE CALVES afterward, they take a beating. It’s great for your arms, too, and you can get ropes that are weighted, which add to resistance. I quit the gym, do pushups and other floor exercises, walk and skip rope and ride my stationary bike. Saves time and money, no lining up for the equipment.

  176. Haley Says:

    I am 13 and I have battled with my wieght for a few years now. I’m 5’1 and almost 200 pounds. I have asked my friends for honest opinions of how much I *look* like I weigh, and they have said about 160-170. I have a very large butt that I would like to loose off a bit, but I wasn’t sure if jumping rope would help at all. I also have large breasts that if possible, I would like to keep. So, to cut back to about 150lbs, and still have my breasts without such a large behind, would jumping rope work for me?

  177. Jesse Says:

    What I did to lose alot of weight is I got the Jillian Michaels mix powder with almond milk. This mixture is very creamy, sweet and very filling and its only around 130 calories per shake. I had 4 of these shakes a day and I incorporated running, rope jumping and lifting weights. The main calorie burner I did was jumping rope. I did this for about 3 hours a day at a very fast pace and I lost on average 2 lbs a day. Haley, all it takes is dedication and you’ll get where you want. Just do some research on some exercises.

  178. meeks Says:

    buahahah..nice article..I have recently gained 10 lbs due to studying so much and stopping my workouts..and also adding comfort foods here and there..oh well, I want to get back to my original weight and this sounds so good. Yes, I know it takes effort, and I am up for effort, but more up for the fun that comes with it, I always wanted to jump rope, but never saw it as exercise. I look forward to this. :)

  179. Mel Says:

    I just started jump roping today and man it already hurts my calves. I cant go longer than 50 counts though. It’s so hard. Any suggestions? How many reps should i do? I did it on and off for about an hour and a half today. Any advice helps? Also, i read that its the best cardio workout out there, besides running of course and that it works every single muscle in the body. Love it!

  180. Kwami Says:

    I’m going to start my jump rope exercise routine on 3/26/12 which will be the beginning of my 60 days challenge that I’m taking up for myself. I plan on starting slow, 10 mins of jumping for the first week than it will increase over the 60 days. My goal is to get down to below 160s. I’m not really concerned with the weight really I just want to be able to feel good and look good in clothes like I did before I started college. I going to eat right ( low carbs and small meals a day) and jump rope (5-7 days a week). I’ll update you all after the 60 days. :)

  181. mishty Says:

    Well guys i used to do this stuff of jumpimg at night after ma dinner.. Used to do 2000 jump amd trust me i lost 60 pounds in 3 months but as am also working so had to stop and have started again as ma b’day round the corner.. I’m 160 pound now and am sure and will come down to 140 pound atleast ba this May.. Just 2000 jump and no junk!!

  182. MakoTaco Says:

    I just barely started jump rope. It’s really fun but.. what exactly does it work? And whats the jumping to jogging ratio? Are there any ways you should jump rope? If so I would love ideas!! THANX!

  183. Richard Says:

    All these stories here have me really inspired. My name is Richard, I’m 5’7 and 190 pounds. When I first started jumping rope in January I was up to 242 pounds. I jump rope everyday for 1 hour. At first I was doing absolutely terrible and would get winded in the first minute but now I actually look forward to it every single day. Besides the great workout it provides it also has a way of clearing my mind of all the stress from the day of work I bring home.

  184. erica Says:

    Hey everyone. I’m 33 years old female,5ft even an weight 146. I would love any advice on a routine to help me to lose 20Lbs by july. I would love to say I’m active. but sadly I’m not. I work from home with a phone/computer job that requires many long hours 5 days a week in a chair. I try walk 5days a week an workout on my tower drink about 32oz of water a day. but when you work at home there is always something else that needs done, so its easy to get side tracked. i thought about trying to work my way up to 1000 jumps a day, but I just wasnt sure if the was too large of a goal weight lose by july.thanks for your time.

  185. sultana Says:

    Hey Erica! So I’m 5 foot even as well and I am currently 130 pounds. So long story short, since dec/jan, I have lost about 30 pounds. I was 160 pounds, very much over weight, and had a ton of water retention. I felt so bad about myself because I have NEVER been this over-weight and being short, the weight just made me look so stubby. What I did was change my diet and add exercise DAILY. Easier said than done but I did struggle to get to where I am today and this still isn’t the end. I am maintaining and continuing this schedule. So I can tell you what has happened month by month. Also, don’t get discouraged but the the first few months, results will not even show as much (of course everyone is different) but I was giving up b/c I saw nothing change. One day, a few months into my new schedule, I literally started dropping pounds. I started running every night, about 20 minutes. I added about 800 jump ropes sessions which is like 10 min (more is better but start slowly), I added squats, and jumping jax. I don’t even go to the gym, everything is convenient at home! Every day I do these simple exercises but along the way I added some things. For example, now I added 5 pound weights on my ankles to jump roping and jumping jax and it feels great! My thighs are rock hard. My stomach is flatter. Breathe correctly while jumping. So basically from dec to march, my daily schedule included: running for 10-20 min, 200 jumping jax, 800 jump rope, 30 squats, 25 butt lifts. Along with this, I forced myself to drink plenty of water, 3x 750ml or more. I also changed diet. I never eat out, I cook at home. I eat 4 small meals a day. Lots of raw veggies, protein drink, lentils, fruits. I don’t eat meat as much so the protein drink helps. I’m not a workout guru but all I can say these simple steps actually worked for me, there is nothing hidden. You just need good workout music for motivation, good mentality, and the will to keep this up for a few months. After, it becomes a life style change and you will crave to work out. It becomes fun. You HAVE to make time daily though. At least keep the firm workout for 5 days a week. On weekends maybe do soccer or swim. Now its april, im 130 pounds from 160. Now i’m not even concerned about my weight, I’m just looking to tone down and get firm everywhere. Along the weeks, I added some side crunches. You can maybe do some dance videos. I stretch for like 20 min before each workout session. You can mix and match the workouts: for example, do 200 jump rope, 50 jumping jax, another 200 jump rope, 50 jj, etc. until you have done 200 jj and 800 or more jump rope a day. Sounds little but believe me, it gets tough! Later in the month, add more reps. If you have water weight like me, eat oatmeal and other water retaining foods. Heres the big thing that I did though, I cut out big food after 6pm. Meaning I stopped the carns and large meals after 6. However, I do eat fruits, raw veggies, oatmeal, cereal, water, and tea after 6pm. Don’t starve yourself. Hope this helps. I have never left a post before but I feel so strongly about this post b/c I was so depressed about being over weight but I actually made a huge difference in my life. The positive energy and clear mentality that comes with a hard workout changes the day altogether and you feel like a different person. Good luck Erica. let me know how it goes!

  186. veronica Says:

    I stumbled on this site a week ago and I had already started working out for a week. Mike D motivated me and I jumped rope throughout the 2nd week. Doing 1000 jumps and aerobics for 20-30mins. I weighed in today after 15 days and I have lost 11pounds. I hope to lose another 11pounds in the next 2weeks and I want to try out the fruit diet too.

  187. Kitty Says:

    I don’t have a jump rope, but I jump and dance around to music. I have 20 songs in my playlist, all of them at least more than 3 minutes long but not more that 6 minutes.

    I usually jump and dance around to 5 songs then take a break. 5 songs of jumping and dancing and kicking around leaves me tired.

    Other than that, I walk to work and back and I walk uphill most of the time. And I work manual labor. I don’t know if it works though. I haven’t weighed myself.

    I’m 5foot 6 inches and weigh 119lbs. I used to weigh 107lbs and I gained muscle after working.

  188. Samira Says:

    Wowww…I just came across this thread and it is awesome to know how beneficial rope jumping is. I am 28, 1m63 tall, weight 48kg and I have been jumping rope for 2 weeks everyday to stay fit and healthy and maintain my weight. I was doing only 2 mins x 5 sets last week and tried to increase it this week. I started doing 15 minutes non-stop x 1 set and I must say it is VERY HARD work and I didn’t realise I could have that much endurance…when I was puffing and paining after only 2 minutes last week lol..

    I do not do any dieting at all but I watch what I eat and I do eat fast-food from time to time (I believe you can give your body some junk food like chips and burgers once in a fortnight or something) but make sure to wash it down with hot water and know how many calories you are eating, so u can maintain your daily calorie intake. For those of you who are over-weight and trying to lose weight, you have to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally first before starting doing anything physical… It is important to achieve that emotional and physical balance so that you can achieve what you put your mind to do… Positive attitude helps a lot!!
    For those of you combining diets and exercises, I would advise to cut processed meats completely from your diet (there’s lots of calories in sausages, burgers, nuggets, fish fingers, etc…even if they are grilled – the meat is made of fatty animal parts). As your body does need some good fats, try plenty of olive oil in your salads or in your grilled breast fillet.

    Last, I believe that it is the portion that you eat that you need to control… Try to eat smaller portions and put lots of elements on your plate so that you don’t get bored – steemed vegetables can be very boring…so combine it with things that you have pleasure eating but in smaller quantity. Eat things that makes you feel fuller quicker such as couscous.

    And incorporating rope jumping in your daily routine is definitely an asset – Keep up the good work :)

  189. Rosie Says:

    hi I’m Rosie. I’m 14, nearly 5foot 7″ and I weigh about 145lbs. I am sporty and exercise 3-4 times a week. I am muscly but I want to get rid of excess fat, especially around my bum and thighs. any tips, tricks advice? :)

  190. C-dizzle Says:

    Jumproping is alot more fun than walking too!! When i get bored of the same jump up jump down or i feel overwhelmed with the idea of jumproping for such a long period of time… I try to do “tricks” for example i try to see how many times i can pass the rope beneath my feet in one jump. Or i twist the rope and jump through it. It keeps me entertained and next thing i know my time is up!! Your biggest competition is yourself! So challenge yourself!!

  191. Jennifer Says:

    I’m 17, about 5′ 6″ and at my high school, my band directors made me section leader. They recommended that over the summer the leadership team should try to tighten our cores so we can be good role models to the rest of our marching band. Would jumping rope help do that? Or is it more of a leg exercise?

  192. Avah Says:

    Hi I’m 15, and about 5′ 8″ and I weigh 260 pounds I’m so unhealthy but I’m going to try to lose weight and I think jumping rope is a good way to burn the calories. I hope that I can accomplish my goal weight which is 150. But I’m not going to try and lose it all by jumping rope I want to try like walking and other exercises but I don’t know what else I should do…. I’ve always been a big kid and I really want to know how it feels to be healthy and to have energy. I love to play sports and I’m actually so surprised how well I can move and how well I play sports for being this big, but I wonder how much better I would be at sports if I was healthier…. If anyone has any ideas what other exercises I can to please tell me.

  193. Anu Says:

    hi, i ‘m 24 and abour 5’1 and i weigh 132 pounds. My goal is to lose 22 pounds in 2 months. i will start the jumproping from today and will update on weekly basis.

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