How Does Beyonce Stay in Shape?

How Does Beyonce Stay in Shape?

How does Beyonce stay in shape? By training to failure, well, almost. Trainer Marco Borges helps her sculpt her famous curves with a seriously intense workout routine. “We do a combination of cardio, calisthenics, resistance exercises, yoga – we do a lot of everything.” And Marco means that literally. Whether Beyonce is doing lunges, plies, reverse lunges or squats, she does 100 repetitions. “When you do those sets, it is really an extension of your cardio,” says Marco, so you can sculpt muscles while building endurance.

And Beyonce does it all with a smile on her face, 60 to 90 minutes a day, four to five days a week. “She is really hardcore,” says Marco. “There is no moaning, no groaning and no complaining when she comes in.” For more info on how Beyonce stays in shape check out Beyonce’s Diet and Beyonce’s Workout posts.

Those who cannot afford a celebrity personal trainer, or any personal trainer for that matter, can stick with a lighter schedule, as long as it is consistent. “Even a little bit every day helps,” Marco says, and recommends scheduling workouts like other appointments. “If you leave the planning up to chance,” he says, “chances are you will not be making the right decision.”

In case you want to know more about Marco’s approach to getting in shape, check out his book, Power Moves: The 4 Motions to Transform Your Body for Life. It contains a lot of useful tips and actual workout plans that he uses with his celebrity clients. So how does Beyonce stay in shape? In short, she works hard and seems to understand the importance of exercise. [via]

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