How Did Nicole Richie Lose Weight?

How Did Nicole Richie Lose Weight?

How did Nicole Richie lose weight? The question should not be how did Nicole Richie lose weight, but whether or not she lost weight safely. Why? Because given her previous weight-loss debacles, most people do not expect her to lose weight responsibly. But times have changed.

To her credit, her recent post-pregnancy weight loss has nothing to do with trying to lose 10 pounds in 5 days or trying to lose 5 pounds in 2 days. When they want to, celebrities can lose weight without crazy crash diets, personal trainers, ridiculously expensive food delivery services. They can also lose weight without clenbuterol.

So how did Nicole Richie lose weight this time? I doubt she was trying to figure out how many calories she needs to consume daily to lose weight. No, Nicole simply focused on her diet. No carbs counting either! Her new diet primarily consists of steamed vegetables, fish and fruits. She also eats chicken and drinks a lot of green tea and water.

According to an insider, sushi is on her menu as well, minus the rice. As for her workout, she does not really follow a stringent exercise program, but she does do yoga every morning at home. All of this is great, I am happy to see Nicole healthy and trim, but the question is: Is she too skinny? Some estimate her current weight at less than 100 pounds. In my opinion, assuming this estimate is correct, she is a bit too skinny. I think around 115 pounds is a good weight for her. [source: Star]

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