Hot Military Men

Hot Military Men

A shirtless Prince Harry and a shirtless Zac Efron may think that they are hot, but in reality, they should read How to Improve Your Testosterone Levels or something, seriously.

Talk about being fit and healthy… I am pretty sure there are plenty of hot military men, but how often do you see them? So, ladies, here is a question for you: Are these guys (see the picture above) hot or not? I think they definitely pass the hot military men “test.”

Hot military men and a letter from the war zone Both guys claim they have been told many time that they are sexy, so they decided to send their photos to the People magazine and asked them to “honor all military branches” by giving them a spot in the magazine.

There has to be more hot military men out there, right? Well, if you know other hot military men, tell them to send us their photos – or maybe you are a hot military man reading this right now, do not be shy, send us your pics and we will post them.

All I’ve got to say is: Thank you guys for your service and be safe out there! [via]

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