Hollywood Muscle Babes

Hollywood Muscle Babes

Who wants to be a waif? Not Jessica Biel, Cameron Diaz or Brooke Shields, all of whom are sporting some serious arm muscles this summer.

“When your arms are exposed, you don’t want flabby,” says star trainer Valerie Waters, adding that the skinny-limbs trend “is on the way out.” Thank heavens, bicep babes rule!

The good news, she says, is if you “eat light and follow a consistent exercise program, the arms almost take care of themselves.”

Translation: Eat enough calories and lift weights.

Trainer Jason Walsh, who works with Biel, agrees that perfect tone is within anyone’s reach. “Good genes help,” he says, “but it really only takes dedication.”

Translation: Hot babes are hot because they follow a healthy diet and don’t say inane things like “I don’t want to lift weights, because I’ll look like Governator.” [source: Us Weekly]

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