Holly Madison: Plastic Surgery

Holly Madison: Plastic SurgeryThe star of E!’s The Girls Next Door (and Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriend) told Us Weekly why she decided to get plastic surgery.

Holly Madison, 27, the number one girlfriend of Hugh Hefner, 80, (yes, he actually has two more: Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson) and the star of E!’s The Girls Next Door, has taken it all off for Playboy, but she wasn’t always so comfortable in her skin.

“I felt I looked the worst when Hef and I got together in 2001,” says Madison. The 5-foot-7 stunner (whose measurements are 36-23-35) revealed that rhinoplasty and breast augmentation changed her body and attitude. Madison explains:

“I always wanted to have my boobs done, because I wanted to be more proportionate. I was a 34-A, but I’m curvy in other areas, so I always wore padded bras and stuffed my bras with socks.

I finally decided to get implants in 2001, but I really had to talk Hef into it. He’s seen a lot of bad surgery! I researched doctors and went to Dr. Garth Fisher (Extreme Makeover). I wanted a D-cup.

The doctor wanted to go smaller and I talked him up! The procedure took a few hours, and afterward, I was nauseous from the anesthesia and sore in the chest, which was swollen for months.

The implants felt heavy and took time to get used to! Two years later, I decided to get a nose job, because it kept getting more angular as I aged. Again I found a great doctor – Raj Kanodia [credited with fixing the noses of Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Aniston].

The recovery was hard. My face was sore, I couldn’t breathe through my nose and my tongue was dry. I felt miserable until the packing [tubes of tissue in the nose] was removed. It felt like my brain was being pulled out of my nose, but after, I felt fine.

Now I’m really happy. I don’t have to stuff my bra, and I feel more comfortable naked. And my nose, which had a bump, is now shorter and upturned. It makes a huge difference in pictures.

I wouldn’t get anything else done right now. Maybe when I’m 60, but I don’t want to go back under the knife anytime soon!”

“I meet a lot of girls who always want to get things done, and I caution them: Don’t rush into it,” Madison advises.

Holly Madison’s nonsurgical “secrets” to looking great? She keeps in shape with thrice-weekly workouts of yoga, weight training and hiking, and she does her own makeup using Alexis Vogel cosmetics.

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  1. Ignaci Says:

    Holly looks great. She is a good example of plastic surgery done right… and she does a great job with her hair and makeup

  2. mandy Says:

    I agree, she looks beautiful and apparently had a highly skilled plastic surgeon work on her, however, it appears evident she has had a facelift, eyes done, etc. and remember, she is so young still…

  3. chris Says:

    Ok Holly you just did your boobs and nose.. Please try eyes- cheek implants-chin implant-veneered teeth-lip job-brow life-fake hair. I don’t think there is anything real on her. Please boobs and nose. Give me a break. We have eyes. Oh I forgot the ass implants.

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