Holly Madison Diet

Holly Madison Diet

I do not know how to describe Holly Madison‘s diet. On one hand, Holly Madison’s diet seems balanced and sane; on the other hand, Holly Madison’s diet is a bit bipolar. I actually like Holly Madison’s diet, but Holly is not a strict dieter, not that one has to be on a strict diet, just the opposite, but things can get out of control pretty quickly if she is not careful.

What am I talking about? Well, for someone who is not afraid of using plastic surgery to perfect her body (check out the Holly Madison’s Plastic Surgery post for more details), she seems a bit cavalier about her food choices.

“I splurge quite often,” says Holly about her love of McDonald’s and her numero uno food obsession of sorts – the pastries at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. “They always look so good,” she says.

My beef with Holly Madison’s diet is not what she eats every day, it is her often splurges on junk food that have a potential to ruin her diet. So what does she eat every day? Let’s take a look at a sample of Holly Madison’s diet menu to find out.

Breakfast (up to 500 calories) “I usually have a protein bar and coffee for breakfast – if I am being good. If not, I have a bagel with cream cheese or a blueberry muffin,” says Holly.

Lunch (about 405 calories) At midday, Holly typically splurges on restaurant food like sushi, which for her often includes a tiger roll and edamame.

Dinner (about 550 calories) A steak dinner – complete with a petite fillet, a salad and potato puree – is how Holly sometimes ends her day.

Snack (about 220 calories) “I try to pack as much fruit into my diet as possible. So I keep fruit around for snacks,” says Holly.

Holly Madison’s diet total calorie count comes down to about 1,675 calories, which is a good number for someone with her body stats. [via]

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