Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Healthy Weight Loss TipsContinued from Weight Loss Tips: Your Body’s Metabolic Rate.

Learn Positive Self-talk

The things we say in our minds and hearts about how we feel about ourselves are very powerful. But we’re in control of these thoughts.

If we stop to really think about strengths and our true inner beauty, we’ll see ourselves in a more positive, hopeful, glass-is-half-full kind of way and change our self-perception dramatically.

Get Addicted to Exercise

For those who are fit, exercise has quite simply become an addiction. While the science is somewhat sketchy on the details, it’s a generally accepted truth that people can become addicted to cardio exercise.

Allowing this to happen can be a great way to make sure you crave those workouts instead of dreading them. Just remember that too much cardio weakens immune system and can waste muscle. Do not over do it.

Portion Foods Out

Digging your hand into the cereal box is really not a good idea. Eating “from the box” is the best way to blindly eat your way into huge portions because you feel like you’re just nibbling.

Portioning your foods in advance allows you to not eat mindlessly and prevents you from unintentionally allowing your portions to grow. Everything you eat can be portioned out ahead of time or, at the very least, portioned out as you eat.

Get a Portion-size Wake-up Call

The portion sizes in North American homes and restaurants are simply ridiculous and completely out of control.

Some people like to write off these much smaller, appropriately sized meals as unhealthy and “the way birds eat,” but the truth is, it’s the way human beings were designed to eat. It’s the way we used to eat and it’s the way we should eat again.

Don’t Make Unplanned Food Stops

My unscientific survey of people who lost weight and kept it off revealed that almost all of them refuse to stop to eat something bad, even if it smells good as they walk by.

For starters, these foods are usually unhealthy and these unplanned food stops also throw a wrench in your meal plans for the day.

Take the time to think about what you’re going to eat each day. Stopping to eat when you hadn’t planned for it can throw your whole eating day off.

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