Healthy Sugar Substitutes

Healthy Sugar Substitutes

Do healthy sugar substitutes exist? Can healthy sugar substitutes help you lose weight? We already know that a sugar detox aids weight loss, but we also know that it is rather hard to avoid sugar completely. Can you use healthy sugar substitutes to reduce your consumption of sugar?

While healthy sugar substitutes do exist, it is debatable whether or not they can help you lose weight. The main reason why healthy sugar substitutes cannot help you lose weight has to do with the fact that what a lot of people perceive as “healthy sugar” is not healthy at all; it is just sugar with a pretty misleading label.

I am talking about honey, raw sugar, brown sugar, organic sugar, demerara sugar, turbinado sugar, molasses, and cane sugar. These sugars are often marketed as a healthy alternative to white sugar, but in reality it is just sugar, which is as bad for you as regular white sugar when consumed in excess.

The real healthy sugar substitutes Arguably, when it comes to finding the best and the healthiest natural sugar substitute, it is hard to beat fruit, but they are not versatile because you cannot use them to sweeten tea or coffee, for example. The good news is that there are other choices. A lot of people use Splenda and stevia. Personally, I cannot stand either one of them, and I do not use them, but people love this stuff, so if either one works for you, I am not going to tell you to use something different.

What do I use? I use erythritol. Unlike Splenda or stevia, erythritol does not have that chemical aftertaste. It tastes exactly like sugar, but it is not as sweet as sugar, which works great for me. In addition, erythritol is considered to be a natural sugar substitute. Its chemical composition is not altered like Splenda’s.

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  1. Linda Says:

    H-m-m-m… I read that erythritol can cause liver cancer. It is hard for the liver to handle.

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