Healthy Steak

Healthy Steak

While some nutritionist misguided souls will gladly tell you to replace your steak with Quorn or some other sad meat imitation, there is no reason to do that. You can, however, make your steak a little healthier than it already is.

Healthy steak A handful of capers can make your next steak healthier. Italian researchers recently discovered that adding capers to meat significantly reduces lipid oxidation, a process that can degrade the food’s nutritional quality and turn cholesterol into artery-clogging plaque.

One factor behind the mechanism: Capers have more than 10 times as much of the powerful antioxidant rutin as the next best source, cooked onions. Scatter a tablespoon of capers over a grilled steak before topping it with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon. [source: Men’s Health]

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