Healthy Food Choices

Healthy Food Choices

Do you know how to make healthy food choices? I am sure many people think that they know how to make healthy food choices. However, considering an influx of products that seem suitable for the list of healthy food choices when in reality they should not be on that list at all, it is not as easy as you might think to come up with the list of healthy food choices.

What am I talking about? Take Organic Oreo cookies, for example – it is still a cookie, the only difference is that it is made with organic sugar and organic flavors. Should it be on your list of healthy food choices? No! Sugar is sugar, organic or not.

Another example? How about a low-fat yogurt? Should it be on your list of healthy food choices? No, it should not be. Why? Because there is nothing wrong with full fat diary products. In fact, some experts believe that fat helps the absorption of other nutrients found in yogurt, but some brands of low-fat yogurt contain as much as 30 grams of sugar per serving – sugar, of course, adds empty calories.

Organic meat and poultry is another example of a whole lot of braggadocio about nothing. I bet you think that organic meat and organic poultry should be on everybody’s list of healthy food choices, right? Wrong! While organic meat is far less Machiavellian than, say, a low-carb-calorie-controlled twinkie, it still misses the point.

Sure, it is organic, which is always better than the other kind because it does not contain hormones, but nutritionally speaking, it still sucks big time. I am sorry, it just does. Why? Because it is not grass-fed; grain-fed meat and poultry are high in unhealthy fats that we do not need. For the real deal, make sure that you get your daily protein fix from grass-fed sources, which are not always organic, yet they usually do not contain hormones anyway.

Obviously, there is no shortage of products that would not be on my list of healthy food choices, so let’s talk about the good stuff for a change. What should be on your list of healthy food choices? As a general rule, stay away from commercially made food products. Usually, even if they are organic, they are not good for you.

Your list of healthy food choices should include organic fruits and vegetables, wild fish and seafood, grass-fed meat and poultry, low-carb pasta, low-carb tortillas, organic dairy products (reduced fat yogurt and cheese are okay, assuming they do not contain any fillers and added sugar), organic whole grains, frozen vegetables, virgin olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil, nuts, omega-3 enriched eggs, and canned sardines.

The bottom line on healthy food choices What I have mentioned above is not an exhaustive list – rather, it is something to get you started in the right direction. Make your own list! Have I missed something important? Probably. Feel free to add to this list and let us know what is on your list by posting in the comments section below.

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