Healthy Beer: Stampede Light Power Beer

Stampede Light Beer HealthyThe quest for a healthy beer just got healthier. I am not sure what I just said, but if you thought that – the green tea and “fat burner” beers were a little peculiar – hold on to your hats, there is a new “healthy” beer in town.

Stampede Light beer appears to be the first beer that managed to confuse itself with International Federation of Bodybuilders.

Do not get excited just yet – Stampede Light has not been fortified with testosterone and human grows hormone – but it seems to be promoted as “Zero Fat” – “All Muscle” and “The Power Beer”.

So where does the muscle and power come from? As far as I know, from good genes, a balanced diet and exercise. It does not come from brewskies – although alcohol – in moderation – could be good for you.

And this is where Stampede Light beer comes in. Alcohol in moderation – at 3.8 percent alcohol by volume and 3 percent alcohol by weight per 12-ounce bottle – Stampede Light seems to qualify – check to that.

Calories – 12-once bottle has 115 calories – so check to low calories

Taste – I would rate it 8.5 out of 10 – check to a great taste

Support for U.S. economy – company’s base is Dallas, Texas – check

Fat Content – 0 [zero] grams of fat – check

Low-Carb – 5.2 grams of carbs – check

But what about health benefits? Well, this is where it gets – I shall say a little dicey – or maybe interesting. [Shudder] Stampede Light is the first vitamin-enhanced beer. It contains, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and folic acid vitamins.

The theory goes that this particular group of vitamins could help prevent hangover and that alcohol depletes vitamins from the body.

To give the company credit – when you load their website for the first time – at the bottom of the page you can see something scrolling. If you manage to pause it and have a magnifying glass handy, you should be able to read the following:

WARNING – Although Stampede Light contains added vitamins including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, folate and folic acid, Stampede Light is not a health drink. You should not increase your intake of alcohol because of the presence of added vitamins. Run with the herd, but please drink in moderation.”

So what exactly is this beer? Is it “healthy”? I cannot say it is unoriginal, and it has a great taste to boot.

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4 Responses to “Healthy Beer: Stampede Light Power Beer”

  1. Mel Says:

    Aussies already have a low calorie, low carb beer called “Blondies” All us sports gals love ’em! 😀

  2. Patrick Sullivan Jr. Says:

    How interesting is that? Actually, the body does use B vitamins to detox alcohol, so the theory is good.

    But 51% of the population has difficulty with methylation — the process by which the liver converts the inactive forms of B vitamins into their active forms. B12 cyanocobalamin (inactive) vs. B12 methylcobalamin (active). Or folic acid (inactive) vs. folate (active).

    The following article is a bit techie, but interesting if you never knew why your urine became “nuclear yellow” after taking B vitamin supplements.

  3. Raz Says:

    So a fortified pre-prohibition 3-2 beer? Any “bottle conditioned” craft American beer has all those B vitamins, folate, folic acid under the cap by default.

    But, its good to see a new beer being marketed on the block even if it is contracted brewed. It just seems to be another variation on the very over-consumed and very boring American force marketed light lager.

    To be quite honest, it doesn’t offer anything new that can’t be had out there already. They just seem to have added an unnecessary process to the equation. And with the over processing of todays food…less is more as far as I’m concerned.

    Brewmaster Raz

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