Health and Diet News

Health and Diet News

True or False? I once deboned a duck in 23 seconds with my bare hands, and I am hopelessly obsessed with sissy squats.

Find out the answer after you read this health and diet news roundup.

The “Duh” Department: Schools that banned simple carbs see lower obesity numbers. – The Local

Mr. Predictable: Fat models are for Africa; size zero still rules. – ABC News

Mr. Faraday Cage: Do not sit close to a wireless router. – The Independent

Mr. Olympia: Find out how much weight you should be lifting. – FitSugar

Freddy Krueger’s unfulfilled dream: The anti-obesity infant formula. – The Independent

Top doctors eat this (one praises the South Beach Diet) – Best Life

The answer: both false. I am, however, a big fan of weighted dips on the parallel bars.

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3 Responses to “Health and Diet News”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Oh, you like the triceps version of dips. I’m working on getting a 32″ wide V-bar so I can actually work the chest.

  2. Ryan Says:

    If we’re thinking about the same thing, no. To my knowledge, the trap bar is only useful for shrugs, deadlifts/squats. I don’t use compounds and I avoid trap work like the plague; it detracts from your optical shoulder width.

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