Halle Berry: Weight Loss and Diet

Halle Berry Weight Loss and Diet

She has always been in great shape, so it should not be surprising that she is almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight. Still, Halle Berry‘s weight loss of almost 40 pounds is pretty impressive.

People who recently saw Halle in person said that “It is hard to believe she had a baby just a couple of months ago.” And that “She looks lean and toned – like she’s lost a lot of the baby weight.”

Surprised? Do not be. When Halle, 41, gave birth to daughter Nahla, an insider says the 5-foot-7 Berry weighed close to 165 pounds. But now, says the insider, she is down to a about 128 pounds, less than 10 pounds away from her target weight.

Halle Berry’s weight loss is not an accident. She does it the right way, i.e., she is eating a well-balanced diet in which she stays away from sweets but loads up on vitamins and at least 1,500 calories’ worth of nutrient-rich foods per day.

Halle Berry’s diet “She eats a lot of salads, fruit, chicken and fish,” says an insider. “She’s nursing, and she knows she has to take in plenty of calories per day so her daughter will get enough nutrition.”

Halle Berry’s workout Halle is working out five days a week for at least 30 minutes per day and has trainer Ramona Braganza on hand to encourage her. “She plotted a course to lose the weight before she even gave birth to her daughter,” explains the insider. Smart!

According to an insider, Halle began swimming and walking soon after the birth. After three weeks, Halle started strength training, focusing on lunges and squats. [via]

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