Halle Berry Six Toes

Halle Berry Six Toes

Halle Berry‘s six toes – is it a myth or reality? Does Halle Berry have six toes? Looking at the picture above, it seems as if Halle Berry has a sixth toe. However, sometimes, a picture does not tell the whole story.

Halle’s rep has strongly denied that she is endowed with an extra digit. But if Halley does not have six toes, what is going on in that picture? Some experts claim that an odd camera angle and maybe a bad bunion created the freaky effect.

I do know, to me it looks Photoshopped, but the picture has not been altered. So, what do you think – Halle Berry’s six toes – really odd camera angle or really lame rep’s explanation? [source: Star]

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  1. Yady Says:

    She has only six toes?? What became of the other four??

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